Thursday, November 13, 2014


September was so fun!  Here are some highlights:

  • A fun picnic at the park on Labor Day

  •  My dad's birthday! We celebrated up Mueller Park Canyon with a barbecue. Sometime I need to do an entire post just talking about how wonderful my dad is. 

These boys LOVE their grandpa. One day my mom will forgive me for posting this pic of her.
  • Andy started joy school! 

  • Andy started soccer.  Go purple monsters! Watching 3-year-olds play soccer is pure entertainment. 

  • We love the State Fair so much, we went twice!  Just the four of us went on a saturday and had a blast.  We loved seeing all the animals, riding the big yellow slide, and the little farm the FFA put on for kids.  Everything's more fun with kids! Especially when one of those kids is Andy, who gets crazy excited about every little thing.  So--we had to go back!  I went back with my mom and the boys mid-week.  

These things are Andy's favorite.  He wanted to take a picture in every one that he saw.
Best picture of Andy with the baby pigs.  You can't tell in the picture, but they were completely adorable.  Only a couple weeks old!
Andy at the little farm. 

  •  I ran in the Big Cottonwood Half.  Don't worry, soon I'll do an entire post about running and tell you every detail.  

  •  Cameron went on a beautiful hike before work with friends.  Like the good wife I am, I have no idea where they went.  

  • We went to Gardner Village to look for some furniture, and they already had the witches out!  Andy had a love/hate relationship with them.  He loved them from afar.  And then couldn't sleep all night because he was so scared of them.

  • We had a fun couple's night at Dima and Monique's house.  Monique made Borsch, a Ukranian soup.  It was super yummy.  And we love hanging out with those two.  
  • We went to the final BFA show for Cameron's cousin Jessica.  Such a talented photographer!
  • I had a fun breakfast with some girls in the ward at one of their homes.  It's so fun getting to know all the great people in my ward. 
  • My sister Sara went through the temple.  What a beautiful, special day.  We got to meet Jordon's parents that day too.  Now we know why Jordon is so great! :) 
  • I got to catch up with my dear mission companion, Sister Larsen.  We used to play music together all the time on the mission, so it was so fun to accompany her for her ward talent show! Sometimes I sit and wonder how I lucked out to have the most wonderful mission companions I could ever imagine. I'm a lucky girl. 

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  1. Fun month! I love that picture of Andy by himself in his soccer uniform. :)