Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andy is 3 months old!

Yesterday marked the 3 month birthday of our darling little boy. I can't adequately express how much I love and adore this little guy. When he was born, I really had a hard time adjusting to everything. Everyone always told me--"Just wait until he's 3 months old." Everyone was right. Everything seems a little more manageable now. And I enjoy my time with Andy so much more now. It's so fun to see his sweet little personality. He really is my little buddy I hang out with all day. One of his big smiles absolutely makes my day. It makes the sleepless nights completely worth it.

Some of Andy's current likes/dislikes/milestones:
-He LOVES to smile. He has the cutest open mouth gigantic smile. It lights up a room. And he does it all the time. All I have to say is, "Hi Andy!" or "I love you!" and he gets a huge grin.
-He loves our singing time in the morning. I stand him up and sing him a few songs. He tries to sing along. His favorite is "Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer.
-He loves to talk. He sits and talks all the day long. He's a very chatty, social guy.
-He loves to kick and wiggle.
-He loves to stand up with his weight supported. He absolutely loves this and is hardly content in any other position. It gets a little hard to hold him up all the time.
-He loves to be naked.
-This is a weird one: He loves having his nostrils suctioned. He looks really confused, yet excited. Don't most babies hate this?
-He still likes sleeping in the car while driving. However, he does NOT like to be buckled into his carseat.
-He loves to eat. As always. It's fun now--he stops and smiles at me every few minutes while nursing.
-He finally seems to understand night time is for sleeping. He usually falls asleep around 8 and sleeps til 6 or 7 AM. He usually wakes up to eat around 2 or 3 and around 5 or 6. I wish his longer sleeping stretch happened to fall from 11-6 rather than from 8 to 2.
-Napping is a different story. Andy likes to take cat naps. I hardly ever has a good hour long nap. Most of his are 15-30 minutes. Not cool.
-He rolled over for the first time on Sept. 10. Twice. However, I wasn't there--he saved that event for dad. And he hasn't done it since, so I'm not sure if this "counts." Perhaps he'd be doing better with this if I was more diligent with tummy time. He hates tummy time and starts screaming after a minute so I usually give in and pick him up.
-He seems to favor his left hand. Lefty? We'll see.
-Andy has no "schedule." Hopefully we're not doing something wrong? We just let him sleep/eat/play when he wants to.
-He has a very lop-sided head! He favors his left side. We're trying to get him to look the other way more often, but he's pretty stubborn. Hopefully he doesn't have to wear one of those helmet things. Cameron is extremely concerned about this!
-The most tragic development of this month is that we figured out that if I take dairy out of my diet, Andy is a LOT happier and in a lot less pain. Overall, this is obviously a good thing because we figured out how to make our little guy happier. Tragic because I LOVE LOVE LOVE milk. I don't think anyone could love it as much as I do. I used to have it with every meal. I went through 1.5 gallons a week. I'm trying to get by with soy milk, and it's okay. But I really really really miss milk. I don't know if I can go a full year without it. Sigh.
-He took his first flight on Sept. 8.
-He has about 2 blowouts per day. Hence, about 50% of his clothes have poop stains on the back. I don't know if I don't know how to change a diaper or what?
-Is just about into 3-6 month clothes.
-He went for his first swim on Sept. 15. I think he liked it?
-He finally has his own room/nursery! I'm sure he doesn't care, but it makes me very happy.
-He was given a beautiful name and a blessing on Sept. 4.

We love this sweet little guy and are SO happy he joined our little family.

First Swim:

Blessing Day:

First flight:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

We love Texas.

What to do when you're awake with your baby at 4 AM? Blog, I guess. We're LOVING Austin (technically we're living in Round Rock). Our place is so nice. We love our new friends and ward. Cameron loves his job. All is well! I'm having lots of fun with Andy and lots of fun decorating our new place, especially since we've always lived in furnished places before now. Here is my current "inspiration board" for our living room/family room. It's taking a while to come together, but I'm hoping it'll turn out the way I see it in my head.