Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Baby Is Coming!

I'm being induced tomorrow (Sunday, June 19th) night! This means the baby will most likely be born on Monday, June 20th. Very exciting! I'm a little disappointed I have to be induced. I really like the idea of the baby coming when he is ready. However, the baby is measuring small (about 6 pounds), so the doctors are concerned the placenta is no longer functioning optimally and it will be better for baby boy to be born at 39 weeks. At this point, they say he'll grow better outside of me than inside of me. So...ready or not, he's coming! 9 months is so long--and then suddenly it's here. I'm so excited, nervous, and scared I can barely stand it! We can't wait to meet the little guy.

I guess one advantage to the doctor worrying about the size of your baby is that you get plenty of ultrasounds! It's fun to see him grow and change.

10 Weeks:

15 Weeks:

20 Weeks:

32 Weeks:

35 Weeks:

38 Weeks: *Let me just mention as a side note that the ultrasound tech told us during this ultrasound our boy has hair! This may be a silly thing to be excited about, but I'm very excited. Babies with hair are so cute!

And one last belly picture of me at 38 weeks:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bump Progression

23 Weeks:

27 Weeks:

32 Weeks:

33 Weeks:

36 Weeks:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Austin: Our Future Home!

I guess this isn't really "new" news, but we're going to be moving to Austin, Texas in September. We couldn't be more excited! The plan for the past few years has been for Cam to work for Ernst & Young in Palo Alto doing auditing--he'd accepted an offer and everything. But long story short, it never felt like quite the right thing and we were so blessed to get this other job offer with Dell doing finance. Cam will enjoy the job much more and our cost of living will be much much much lower. Plus, we've heard all sorts of great things about Austin--great music scene, great shopping, great biking. We're excited to make it our new home!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Back at the beginning of April I got to go on such a fun cruise with my parents, Abby, and a bunch of my dad's side of the family. Though it was very sad not having Cameron there (he had too much going on with school to come), I had SO much fun! A cruise is the perfect pregnant vacation. I loved sharing a room with Abby and my cute cousin Jessie. I loved spending time with my dad's side of the family. I loved all the great weather and good food. We stopped in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. I think Puerto Vallarta was my favorite--I can't wait to take Cameron back.

In Cabo with a view of our boat:

The worst part of being pregnant during the trip--no jet ski ride for me. :(

My cute parents. Isn't my mom beautiful?

My adorable cousin Justin. I fell in love with him on the vacation.

The whole group on our way to kayak in Cabo:

Hanging out on the ship deck:

Aunt Marilyn and Jessie:

I guess my dad decided to join a biker gang while on the cruise:

Puerto Vallarta! They had amazing sand sculptures:

My Uncle Dave got so bored shopping he decided to panhandle:

Me and my sweet Aunt Diane. Not sure about the face I'm making:

A wonderfully awkward picture of Abby and I on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Don't mind the 28 week pregnant belly.