Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Violet's Baby Blessing

Violet received a beautiful blessing on Jan. 22, 2017 from Cameron. We had so many wonderful family members and friends come to share our special day with us. And Violet wore the same blessing outfit I wore as a baby! It was such a special day.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Extended Family Photos

We took some cute extended family photos on Dec. 29, 2016!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Highlights from Oct.-Dec. 2016

I can't let the best months of the year pass without documenting what a great holiday season we had! It looks like it posted out of order, but here we go!

A lunch date with the Jones clan!

Santa brought Max a tool set.

He brought Andy a remote controlled car.

Some sledding with Grandpa Greg!

Aunt Ann threw her annual Christmas Eve party. The bells are a favorite!

Reading some books on Christmas day.

Violet with GG.

We had a party with the Cramers and Morgans. Max loved their bunny! 

The Moana obsession began.

We went caroling to visit my Grandma. She loved it. 

Violet with Great Grandma Messick.

Max doing the chimes with Grandpa on Christmas Eve,

Christmas Day shot.

First Christmas!

My Grandma Messick joined us for Thanksgiving. It was special because it was her last Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving table setting at my parents' house!

Violet on day 2 of Thanksgiving.

Violet with Great Grandma Baker.

The boys with our tree

Festival of Trees

Andy's singing group had a Christmas concert.

My Grandma Bonnie meeting Violet.

The boys got to meet Santa at my parents' ward party.

We visited the lights at temple square.

My mom taught us how to make her toffee.

Andy painted this cute Santa at school.

Halloween program for Andy's singing group.

Halloween night! Ninja and Woody. Yes, Max is the cutest Woody ever.

Andy at his first ever piano recital. 
We visited the zoo.

Violet with her Santa present.

Our carved pumpkin. it looks about the same every year.

Another picture from our zoo visit.

The Macias clan came to visit!

We went to see the lights at Grand America with the Thomases.

A Gardner Village shot.

Cutest boys at Andy's school carnival!

Painting pumpkins

A sister date to Market Street Grill

We had a fun morning sledding with the Craguns.