Monday, July 17, 2017

Park City Family Trip

We visited Park City with our Messick side in July and had the greatest time! Highlights included spending time with Sara (though we missed Jordon!), lots of pool and hot tub time, eating lots of great food, hiking up at Guardsman's Pass, going to see Cars 3, riding the Alpine Slide and Coaster, playing Wits and Wagers, and going fishing.

Andy's to do list he made for one of the days. :)  

Watching the fisherman. This is when Abby stole my phone and sent lots of embarrassing texts to people, ha ha.

Max named his fish Rumple and continued to talk about him the whole trip. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Highlights April-June 2017

 My Grandma Ruth Messick passed away. It was sad, but I'm glad she's reunited with my grandpa.

Andy frequently does exercise videos. 

We found a new home for our fish, Goldie. Surprisingly, even a fish was too difficult for us to care for.
 We went to the Spring Festival at Cross E Ranch:

Cam went to a conference called JPMA for Copper Pearl.

The sweetest banner Andy made me for Mother's Day. It says, "MOTHR"

We put an offer on a new house in Highland! 
 Andy's Spring Art Festival at school:

Our new house closed! 

We tried, yet again, to get on Shark Tank! (unsuccessful, again) 

Andy and his good buddy Logan.

Andy's soccer team for the year, Black Ninjas. 

Abby was the winner of the Davis County Jr. Miss!

 Memorial Day Hike!

Splash pad fun with the Thomases!

Swimming Lessons! 
 The boys went on a campout with our new ward.

 Fun Texas friends get-together: