Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oct-Dec. 2017 Highlights

We threw my dad a 60th Birthday Party for his side of the family:

 I ran in the Salt Lake Haunted Half and got a PR! 1:45

Andy played his first Jr. Jazz season
 Cam and I went to Vegas together for work--ABC tradeshow.

We ate good food.

And blew a tire on the way home. ha ha

Max was the king of preschool one day!

Andy read his first chapter book--all in one day!

Andy won first place in Reflections at his school for his music composition!

Violet modeled for Copper Pearl

We fell in love with our new neighborhood. We love how there are always kids running around playing everywhere!

My dad painted this beautiful Bountiful temple painting for our new home.

Our old house burned down. 

A shot of Andy's Jr. Jazz team

Thanksgiving was special--Grandma Baker came. And she passed away the very next week.

Festival of Trees

Cragun/Thomas/Lee Christmas Party!

I got Lasik!

The boys paid a visit to Rachel's new hot tub.
 We saw the Temple Square Lights:

A lunch date with Max and Nora.
 Christmas Concert at the Symphony:

I played a prank on our neighbors and gave a few other neighbors this assortment as a Christmas Neighbor Gift from them.

Violet got her first haircut and hated it.

We threw Sara a baby shower.
Messick Family Sledding Trip:

Sadly the only picture I got from our big Winterton Christmas Party we held at our house. Violet and Lucy wore matching bibs!

We did a family date night to an escape room! We made it out at the last minute.

All the cute Christmas cards we got this year.
Bowling the day after Christmas:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve + Day

Before church on Christmas Eve.

We did a nativity + talent show at my parents' house for Christmas Eve.

Santa came! Big gifts: Andy got a bike, Max got a kitchen, and Violet got a doll. 

Max weirdly requested handcuffs for Christmas, so he got them. 

We spent Christmas afternoon/evening at Greg and Kathy's with a big Baker party!