Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo Shoots

We had some super cute pictures taken of the kids back in November.  My sweet friend Kasee came to take some newborn pictures of Max when he was a couple weeks old.  And then we went to Fotofly a few days after we moved back to Utah.  Neither child cooperated very well (Andy went through three bags of fruit snacks as bribes), so I was pleasantly surprised to have some pictures I liked!  Here are some highlights:

From Kasee:

How handsome is this kid?!
Andy with Uncle Jason.  Best buddies!

And Fotofly:

This is what Andy does when you tell him to smile.  :)

This is the only way we could get them to take a picture together.  :)  Andy wouldn't touch him!

This one is my favorite.
Love his crossed eyes! :) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 In Review

Late on this post, as usual.  But it's been such a great year, I have to document it!  Can you believe we had FOUR different residences in 2013?  It was such a crazy, hectic, and exciting year.

This was our last full month in Amsterdam!  It seems like a lifetime ago that we lived in that beautiful city.  I still can't believe we were lucky enough to have that experience as a little family.  We didn't visit anywhere abroad because we travelled so much in December.  We did take a day trip to The Hague, which was fun.  Cameron went to a conference back in Texas for a week and a half while Andy and I enjoyed freezing and snowy Amsterdam on our own.
The Hague is such a beautiful mixture of old and new.

February was a big month!  Cameron and I made the day-long trip to visit the Den Hague Temple.  We also had a really fun weekend trip to Madrid, which turned out to be one of our favorite trips from our time in Europe.  We prepped to head back to Texas at the end of the month, with lots of get togethers with friends we'd made in Amsterdam.  Andy and I attended music group and lots of story times.  And most importantly, we found out I was pregnant just a few days before we flew back to Texas!

Our last weekend in Amsterdam. 
We spent this month getting settled back in Round Rock.  I did the math and figured I'd start getting sick (from pregnancy) a week after we arrived back in Texas.  And that's exactly what happened. I pretty much spent all of March, April, and half of May dying on the couch. Thank heavens that time passed and I'm not one of those people who is sick the entire pregnancy!
This cutie watched more TV than I care to admit.  
April was a great and busy month!  Cameron's family came for a quick weekend visit.  I drove up to Dallas and attended my beautiful cousin Suzanne's wedding with my mom.  Cameron completed the Tough Mudder race in Austin.  Andy and I spent the end of April and the beginning of May on a trip to visit family in Utah.  

May was another busy month!  Andy and I ended up taking a second trip back to Utah to attend my Grandpa Winterton's funeral.  We also had our second annual friendcation in Galveston and had a blast!

We celebrated Andy's 2nd birthday.  We also took a fun trip to the Bay Area with Cameron's family!  

All three of us went to Utah to go to Jackson Hole with my family and to spend some time with Cameron's family.  Cameron went to Penang, Malaysia for a work conference and then visited Bangkok with a few friends afterwards.

Cameron and I celebrated our 28th birthdays!  We also celebrated our fourth anniversary.  We spent most of the month either inside or in the pool trying to escape the insane Texas heat.  

We spent most of this month planning for our move into a house in Round Rock and moving.  Thanks to Cameron, everything went great!  Little did we know we'd be moving again so quickly. :)  Cameron took a weekend trip to Vegas with his dad and brother for a car show.  My wonderful friends in Texas also threw a baby shower for my friend Cami and I.  

We spent this month waiting for baby Max to arrive.  We also spent most of the month stressing about whether we should accept a job offer in Utah.  Of course, Andy enjoyed Halloween as a dinosaur/dragon.  The biggest event of the year: our beautiful boy Max joined our family on October 30!

Wow, what a crazy month.  My mom came to visit and help for a week.  We all adjusted to being a family of four and prepped for our move to Utah on November 22, where we've since lived with my parents until we find our own house.  Our car was totaled.  Let's just say I don't wish to repeat many aspects of this month.  ;) We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with family; we were lucky enough to do a dinner with both families! Cameron started his new job at Instructure.

We enjoyed spending the holiday season around family and had a wonderful Christmas.  We spent lots of time house hunting and car hunting. We put an offer on a house on December 30 in North Salt Lake! 
He has loved the snow here!
It's fun to look back on the year.  What a big year it's been!  I think we're all ready for this year to be a little more calm, but we're so grateful for the many blessings we've seen this year.  :) 2014 will be a great year!  We're excited to move into our own house (hopefully in early February), watch Andy and Max grow and change, spend lots of time with family, and get settled with life here in Utah.