Thursday, December 18, 2014

Running in 2014

It has been so wonderful for me to get back into running and racing.  I used to race before Andy was born.  I liked it, but never really understood what moms were saying when they said they loved their exercise time.  Running (and exercising in general) was always a love/hate thing for me.  But lately, I just LOVE it.  It's my sanity!   The first few months of running (March-May or June) were really hard.  I started with just 2 miles or so and even had to walk a few times in there.  It didn't seem to get easier for a few months.  Running 3-4 miles at 10 min/mile was still killing me in May, and I wondered how I'd ever do a half marathon again.  Maybe partially due to the fact that I was still getting up with Max a few times a night and then getting up early to run? It was all very discouraging, considering I'd run 26.2 miles a few years before at 9:06/mile.  Anyway, I increased mileage VERY slowly (I was nursing and didn't want to lose supply) and prepped for the Deseret News 10K on July 24.   For me, I think longer distances become a lot easier as soon as I pass the 4 or 5 mile threshold.  Everything felt easier in June and July as my mileage increased.  

My sister Rachel did the 10k with me.  We had a blast!  Such a fun race.  It was fun running by the big crowds who were waiting for the parade to start.  I finished in 52:42, averaging 8:29/mile.  I was thrilled considering I wanted to do somewhere around a 9:00 mile!

Then began the prep for the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon.  I was still pretty terrified of running that many miles.  The nights before my long training runs, I was always so nervous!  But I pressed on.  Rachel and I did one of our long runs together.  Cameron even did one with me in Park City.  The big day came Sept. 13.  Rachel and I did it together and had a great experience.  Such a fun, well-managed race!  Gorgeous to run down Big Cottonwood as the sun is rising.  It was a great day for me.  I just kept thing, "I did it!  All the nights Max woke up a million times, I woke up and went running!  All those times I thought 3 miles would kill me, I pushed through! And now I did it!  I just ran 13.1 miles.  I can do hard things!"  It made me feel so good to work so hard to accomplish a hard thing.  I finished in 1:47, 8:09/mile, a new PR for me.  I was thrilled!  

It was FREEZING up at at the starting line.
So fun running with Rachel!  We couldn't train much together, but we'd always text each other about our runs.  

I decided to do the SLC Haunted Half in October.  I did lots of speed work and trained pretty hard to try and get a new PR.  Hopefully around 1:45.  And then the cold of death introduced itself.  It was awful!  I was so sad that I'd worked so hard to be fast for the race, and I knew it would be a struggle just to run it considering how sick I was.  The first 6 miles or so felt great.  I was on track to PR, averaging about 8/mile.  And then the cold of death said, "Hey!  Remember me? I'm here!  You can't keep running this fast!"  And then I DIED.  Oh my goodness, those last 7 miles were torture.  My lungs were dying.  I slowed way down.  Some of my miles were way slower, like 10 min/mile.  I still had a pretty good time, all things considered.  1:52, which is an average of 8:32/mile.  I pushed it a little too hard, my body revolted, and I ended up being sick in bed for a few days.  

I couldn't end the racing season that note, so I signed up for the Thankful 13 (on Thanksgiving Day) with my friend Lindsey!  We've always wanted to do a race together.  It was harder to do those long runs in the cold!  And, as luck would have it, I got sick AGAIN the week before the race.  I was so mad.  I whined to poor Cameron constantly about it.  I was so bummed thinking I'd be as miserable as I was during the Haunted Half.  And I didn't want to feel so sick for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.  I decided I'd take it pretty easy and try to just enjoy it.  I took the first mile pretty slow (9:30ish) and then realized I felt pretty good so I sped up.  I felt great during the run.  I ended up finishing in 1:49, 8:18/mile.  I was thrilled!  I thought I'd be much slower, so it was a nice surprise.  Especially since it's a flat race and my PR time was for a mostly downhill race.

How grateful I am for running!  It's done so much for me this year, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  And of course, I'm so grateful for Cameron who has been so supportive.  He's on kid-duty during my runs, and never rarely complains.  ;)  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Andy the Photographer

 Andy is obsessed with taking pictures on my phone.  I have hundreds of them taking up precious space on my phone.  ;)  Most of them look like this:

But about 1 in 100 turns out pretty cute.

An artistic shot of the dishwasher.

He has mastered the selfie.

My favorites are the ones he gets of Max.

And here's a bunch of randoms:

His cute friend Addy at the park. 

I have no idea what's going on here.  
The stern selfie.
He took this one today and was quite proud.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Andy, 3 years 5 months

How do I even begin to describe Andy at this age? He has an insane amount of energy, he's excited about everything, he makes everything so FUN, and he has such a sweet, kind heart.  He has such a big personality.  The highs are very high and the lows are very low. :)  He knows exactly what he wants.  He's smart--he knows how to get what he wants and has master manipulation techniques.  He loves people.  He loves his friends.  He knows how to connect with people, and surprises me with the social intelligence a 3-year-old can have.  Some things to remember about him lately:
  • He's starting to have a pretty full schedule.  He loves being busy and having all his different activities.  We started joy school with a group in our neighborhood, and he loves it.  He especially loves when it's our turn to host.  He did soccer this fall.  He loved it.  I don't think he understood completely what was going on or the point of the game.  But he had a great time!  I'm hoping he grasps it a little better this spring.  He just finished another round of swimming lessons.  He took lessons with his friend Cayden (which I loved--I got to chat with my friend Amy, Cayden's mom).  They had a blast together!  We didn't love their teacher as much this time around, but it was still a good experience.  

    Joy School group.
    First day of swimming lessons, round 2. 
    Silly boys on the last day of swimming lessons.
  • He loves to be busy and leave the house.  He's always asking me, "What's next?"  Like--where are we going next? 
  • This boy loves to eat.  I'm always amazed at how much food he can put down.  He'll eat 2-3 slices of pizza.  Full adult slices!  
  • He's big! 38-39 lbs.  And tall.  He's taller than most kids who are a year older.  
  • He's so kind and sweet.  If one of us is sick, he goes to get us medicine.  He gets Max's binky when he's sad, he gets Max's toys for him.  He has a good heart and is always watching out for us.  
  • He loves Max.  He tries to play with him a lot now, but he's too rough a lot of the time.  And he's having a hard time now that Max likes to play with his toys.  But really he loves Max to pieces and lives to make him laugh.  

  • He's persistent.  He will sit and try to negotiate with me for twenty minutes on the number of bites he needs to eat of his dinner.  He's such a negotiator.  And a lot of the time, he doesn't even phrase things like a question.  He just tells me the way it's going to be and hopes he gets away with it.  
  • Which brings me to another point--he's a pretty picky eater these days.  He's always been on the picky side, but it seems to be worse lately.  If it's not one of his go-to foods (eggs, toast, cheese, yogurt, etc.), he doesn't want it.  Even when we say, "This is our dinner.  You don't get anything else to eat," he'll just refuse it and skip dinner.  
  • Like I mentioned earlier, I'm so impressed with his social skills.  He holds doors open for me now.  I've never asked him to do it, and Cameron doesn't do it, so I don't know where he learned that.  He's just very considerate.  And when Cameron gets home, he often says, "Daddy, how was your work?" Ummm...lots of adults don't think to ask questions like that.  
  • Loves TV.  Oh my goodness, he asks me ALL day, " something?  Just for one minute?"  I never give in and let him watch more than his daily allotment, but he just keeps asking.  Like I said, this boy is nothing if not persistent.  He loves Wallykazam, Paw Patrol, Mickey.  Pretty much anything on Disney Jr. or Nick Jr.  
  • Potty-trained.  Kind of.  I still put him in diapers during nap-time and at night.  And he usually reserves pooping for one of those times.  He'll all of a sudden have a day every few weeks where he has 2-3 accidents too.  Not sure what that's about.  
  • He had his first trip to the dentist, and was a champ! 
    My Aunt Steph was the best with him.
  • He's starting to say funny things.  The other day, he was brushing my make-up brushes all over his face, put on this flower headband I have, and put on some of my fuzzy socks then announced, "I'm ready to get married!" He makes me laugh all day long.  
  • His favorite things to do are painting, going to the museum (discovery gateway), playing at the park, playing with friends, seeing grandparents, going to the store (especially the hot dog store AKA Costco where he is obsessed with samples), playing hide-and-seek, and playing with friends.  
    A hiding spot during hide and seek. 
    He loves the library.  This picture cracks me up. :)

    Another hiding spot.
  • He's very into dressing himself these days.  Outfit of choice is a long sleeve shirt, shorts, and his boots.  Ha.  And he thinks he looks good.  :) 

    What, you don't wear socks with your flip flops?
  • He loves to be silly.  He's always singing songs with gibberish words or coming up with silly names for things.  
    He's full of laughter! So many giggles all day long.  

  • He can still throw a tantrum to be reckoned with.  I don't think it's as bad as a year or so ago, but every few days we deal with it.  This kid feels things really intensely.  
  • He loves to take pictures.  My phone is has hundreds and hundreds of his pictures.  Most are pictures of the floor and walls, but some are pretty cute.  I need to do a post of some of the good ones. 
    Taking some shots at Sara's wedding.
  • He also loves to have his picture taken.  He's always asking me to take his picture; here are some times he wanted his picture taken: 

  • He loves to help me cook and bake.  As soon as he notices I'm starting to make something, he rushes over, grabs his stool, and wants to help.  
  • Loves to clean.  He sweeps up my piles.  He helps clean windows.  Lots of times I come in to get him from naps and he's using a million wipes to clean his walls.  :) 
  • He sleeps pretty well.  Goes down for the night at 7 or 8.  He's always been an early riser, and tends to wake up about 6:15-6:45.  I would say he naps about 25% of the time.  On the days he never falls asleep, he does quiet time in his room.  He does the funniest things while he's in there.  He'll put all of his socks on or all his ties on or line up all his books in a line on the floor.  He does some not quite as funny things too.  Lately, he's really into changing his own diaper.  If he poops, he just cleans himself up, with wipes and everything.  Occasionally he does a pretty good job, but more often there is poop EVERYWHERE.  He's also peed down his vent.  And he told me all about it, like he was so proud.  He's a character, this one.  
How we love our Andy.  He makes our lives exciting!