Sunday, July 20, 2014

Max at 8.5 Months

8.5 months is a strange milestone, but I've got to do this while I'm thinking about it!  Our sweet Max is nearly 9 months old.  I can hardly believe it.  I'm seriously in love with this little guy.  He's at such a wonderful stage.  He really is a great. easy baby these days.  He's just so happy.  Some things to note about our sweetheart:
  • He LOVES food.  This is such a wonderful experience after dealing with Andy, who had the hardest time learning how to eat.  Max will eat virtually anything we put in front of him.  He loves pureed things, finger foods, and pieces of anything we're eating.  His favorite pureed foods are sweet potatoes, oatmeal cereal, apple chicken, and macaroni & cheese.  He also loves puffs, cheerios, bread, croissants (who doesn't love croissants?), pretzels, graham crackers, pieces of turkey, green smoothie, grapes, strawberries, bananas, melons...really, anything we've given him.  He used to eat his fruit out of one of those mesh things, but he's moved on now.  I give him two solid meals for breakfast and dinner.  I used to feed him some solids for lunch too, but I'm trying to cut back on how much solid food I give him because he was losing interest in nursing.  Cutting out the solids for lunch has helped, but I'm still having the hardest time keeping him interested in nursing.  I have to nurse in the dark, in his room, and make sure he can't hear anyone, especially Andy.  Max just wants to play! 
  • He thinks Andy is hilarious.  And Andy's always trying new things to make him laugh.  
  • He is so close to crawling.  He turns all around, moves backward, rocks on his knees...I feel like we're a couple weeks away.  (Is it horrible that I'm kind of dreading once I have two mobile kids?)
  • He's very fidgety.  He just wants to move.  He's also a professional grabber.  You think you've placed something out of his reach, and then BAM!  He's fast and has a long reach. 
  • He loves to be held.  And if you're holding him, he loves to get really close, stare intently into your eyes, and use his pointer finger to explore your mouth.  
  • He's still a total mama's boy, and I love it.  He lights up and starts bouncing/kicking like crazy when I come in the room.  
  • He's very social.  But I feel like it's in a different way than Andy is.  I don't think he'll be saying hi to everyone at the store like Andy does, but I think he values relationships and spending time with people.  He loves attention, making eye contact, smiling at people, and connecting with them.  
  • He has the sweetest giggle.  I love tickling him (he's very ticklish) so I can hear it. 
  • He loves when I give him kisses.  
  • At night we coo back and forth to each other, and it's just about my favorite part of the day.  And after his feeding right before bed, he'll lay in my arms, relax, and cuddle.  He won't do that the rest of the day (too much to look at!), so I really soak it in.  
  • He's chubby!  Not sure of his weight/height right now, but his legs are deliciously thick. 
  • Fantastic napper.  He takes two naps, each is about two hours long.  I just set him in his crib and he falls asleep without a peep.  Still not great at sleeping at night.  He sleeps from 7-7:30 or so, but still wakes up 2-3 times to eat.  I need to eliminate at least one of those feedings, but I'm hesitant because he seems to nurse so much better at night than during the day, and I'm already worried he's not nursing enough.    
  • He loves the pool and the sun.  It's heaven for him.  
  • He's wearing 12 month clothes. 
  • He loves peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, etc.  
It's hard to capture the sweetness that is Max into words.  But we love, love, love this sweet person.  If I'm having a hard day, he's sure to be the one to lift my spirits.  How grateful we are that he's part of our family!
Swinging solo for the first time!

Amazing lashes and cutest little bum.
Sweet potatoes!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bay Area Trip

Cameron and I just took a wonderful trip to the bay area for a friend's wedding.  We spent four days there.  We had such a great time!  We brought Max (he's still nursing) and left Andy with Cameron's parents, who generously made sure Andy had the time of his life while we were away.  We almost didn't go because I don't particularly love traveling with young babies, but we are so glad we ended up going! It turns out Max is a chill little travel companion, which is *only slightly* different than I'd describe Andy at that age. :)

Instead of my typical travel log, I'll do a top ten list of our favorite things about our trip.  In no particular order, here we go:

  1. Spending time catching up with Cameron's friends was so wonderful.  I keep thinking about how lucky he is to have such a great group of friends who have remained so close.  Most of them still live right in the area and still spend lots of time together.  We had a fun catch up with Brendan and met his girlfriend Brianna, who is so wonderful.  He treated us to a sushi lunch in Sebastopol, where Cameron grew up.  We spent lots of time with everyone at Sarah and Joe's beautiful wedding.  (It really was stunning--in the woods at a beautiful garden.)  We all met up for breakfast one morning at a favorite place of their's in Occidental, Howard's.  I feel like they all have such interesting lives and do such a variety of things--it's so fun to catch up and hear about everyone's lives.  

    Cameron and Brendan, friends since 5th grade!
  2. Cameron grew up in the bay area, but he still hasn't done some of the typical tourist things!  He hadn't been to Muir Woods to see the redwoods, so we had a nice morning walking the trail there.  It's super popular and crowded because it's so close to San Francisco, but seriously so beautiful.  He also had never walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, so we took a very windy walk across a portion of it.  

    A very foggy, windy day on the bridge.
  3. We ended up going to Stinson Beach for a couple hours.  Neither of us had been there, and it was just perfect.  A beautiful, sunny day, really relaxing, Max enjoyed squishing his toes in the sand, we found a yummy sandwich shop and ate in the park, watched some surfing.  It was such a nice afternoon.  

  4. We stayed in the most beautiful house ever.  Seriously.  It was in San Rafael, just a few minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We found it on airbnb, and I think we'll stay there whenever we come in town.  It was right at the top of a hill and had the most beautiful views in every direction.  The pool and hot tub were so gorgeous.  Our room had two walls that were all windows, with stunning views.  And a private deck too.  It even ended up that there was a little closet off the bathroom that was perfect for Max's pack 'n play.  It was just perfect!  The hosts, Jonathan and Alyssa, were the sweetest  people.  They were so accommodating and were fun to chat with.  Plus, they had just moved here from England a year ago, so I loved talking with them about all things English.  
    The pool area.  I could stay here forever.
  5. We loved spending one-on-one time with Max.  I feel like Max is easily overshadowed by Andy's big personality, so it was neat to spend so much time with him alone.  We both felt like he brought a special presence to our trip.  I feel like he's an adventurous little person, and he enjoyed seeing and experiencing so many new things.  He seemed so happy, despite missing virtually every nap.  I think it was especially nice for he and Cameron to bond, since it seems like I'm usually helping Max and Cameron's usually helping with Andy.  Like I said, Max was just SO good and surpassed all expectations for handling such a busy trip.  He was a little worn out from being in the car by the last day, but was really, really, really good most of the time.  
    Max got a little tired at the wedding. 
  6. When we first flew in, we spent the afternoon in San Francisco at Union Square.  Most times when we visit we spend our time on the Pier, so it was fun to spend time in a different area.  Such a beautiful, vibrant city!
  7. We had the most beautiful evening in Sausalito.  We ate at Scoma's, a favorite restaurant of ours.  Walked along the pier.  Admired the view of San Francisco.  It was such a great night.  We always love visiting Sausalito.  

  8. Wow, we had some great food.  Franchesca's for lunch, Scoma's, a great sandwich place in Stinson (thanks to yelp), Screamin' Mimi's Ice Cream and sushi (in Sebastopol), Howard's, crab sandwiches and clam chowder at Bodega Bay, and a yummy pizza place in Berkeley.  
  9. We had a fun couple of hours in Berkeley before we had to catch our flight home.  It's always great to partake of the quirkiness there.  We ate at a great pizza place we'd just happened upon. 
  10. We had a great afternoon enjoying Bodega Bay.  It was super busy because it was such a sunny, warmish day.  (Which, by my standards, was still super windy and cold and I have no idea how anyone got in that water).  We went to Salmon Creek and Bodega Head.  So beautiful.  I always love seeing the views there. We had crab sandwiches and clam chowder at our favorite place at Bodega Head.

And, to keep it real, some "funny" moments of our trip:

  1. Nursing.  Max won't use a cover any more and also unlatches a million times each feeding.  This made for lots of exciting nursing experiences.  I think my personal favorite was nursing right in the middle of Muir woods, where I thought I'd chosen a conspicuous location, but ended up being in a spotlight, visible to hundreds (okay, it only felt like hundreds) from multiple trails.  Also included is when I nursed in the brides dressing room, witnessing an argument between her sister and her sister's husband.
  2. Walking out to the pool area in the house we stayed in to find the other couple (who we hadn't met yet) doing things they probably should have reserved for their private room.  Let's just say the rest of our interactions with them were more than a little awkward--we weren't exactly exchanging contact info by the end.  
  3. When Cameron lost our parking ticket at a parking garage in San Francisco.  We didn't realize until we were almost to the place you pay, and we were frantically rummaging through everything trying to find it.  We thought we'd have to spend our life savings to pay an outrageous lost ticket fee.  Lucky for us, Max had impeccable timing with a giant screaming fit, and the parking attendant took pity on us.  
  4. When we thought we'd try getting Ghiradelli Ice Cream at a different location than the normal Ghiradelli Square location--we ended up in the basement food court of a mall.  Nothing like spending $20 on ice cream while enjoying the overwhelming scent of asian barbecue. 
  5. We ate at two nicer "sit down" places our first day and quickly learned our lesson.  Max's pterodactyl screech, as we call it, didn't quite fit in.  
  6. We got a little confused about the wedding's starting time, and so we literally walked in as they were coming down the isle.  Oops.  
  7. Our already super late return flight ended up being delayed, so we didn't get in to Salt Lake until about 1:00 AM.  And because it takes us forever to go anywhere with a baby, I think we were literally the last ones out of the airport.  We finally got home about 2 AM.  
Such a great trip!  I'm majorly missing it every day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Andy's Birthday Celebrations

Andy was lucky enough to have a few different birthday celebrations!

First, we did a very low-key little party at a local park with a few Texas friends.  Andy loved playing with Charlie and Addy, eating cupcakes, playing with bubbles, and running around.
The babies at the party
Yes, this is the best picture I got of his guests.  Andy refused to be in a picture by this point.  Throwing a tantrum about something.  
The mama guests. (So glad Jen was in town!)
Our birthday boy with the beautiful lashes pictured with his orange cupcakes.  (Orange is his fav. color.)

That night, we went to the Little America in Salt Lake for some swimming and dinner with Cameron's parents, Brendan, and G.G.  
Max LOVES to swim.

On his actual birthday, we had the house decorated with streamers and balloons when he woke up, which he loved.  He opened gifts from us.  He'd been saying he wanted a scooter for his birthday for weeks.  It was sitting out for him that morning...and he refused to touch it.  Still hasn't really been interested in it.  Ha! :) We went swimming with some of my high school friends that day, which was so fun.  That night, we went to McDonald's to have an ice cream cone and play on the play place.  All in all, he had a great day!  

We had a fun party on sunday with family.  My parents, Cameron's parents, Abby, Rachel, and Brendan all came.  Andy had a blast!  He loved his cake and especially his ice cream.  He was SO excited opening presents.  With every little tear in the paper he'd say, "WOAH! So cool!" etc.  Even when he had no idea what it was.  Greg and Kathy got him a plasma car, my parents got him a T-ball set and a slip 'n slide, Rachel got him Candyland, and G.G. (who couldn't attend) got him a marble track that he adores.  It was such a fun party!  So fun to celebrate our darling Andy with those who love him most.  

He loves this thing.  And he's really good.  (Must get it from his mom.) 
Max loves Aunt Rachel.  

This is Andy at the end of the party.  I'd say he had good time. 
Most excited present opener award.
Trying to figure out the slip 'n slide.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Andy at 3

Our little guy is 3!  Is that sounding old or what? Cameron and I can't get over how adorable and fun this age is.  (Please stop growing up, Andy!) Andy has the same personality he's always had--excited, happy, social, life of the party, opinionated, stubborn.  It's so fun to see how all that manifests itself at this age.

  • He still says hi to everyone, everywhere we go.  Absolutely no social fears.  He loves spending time with friends.  (And he calls everyone around his age a friend.)  I think he'll always have a lot of friends. I think he's pretty socially intelligent for a toddler. :)  He's already good at approaching people and finding common ground:  "Hi friend!  I Andy!  Ooo, car on your shirt?  Look, I gotta pocket on my shirt!"  
  • He is the most excited person I have ever met.  He is thrilled about every aspect of life, big or small.  "Yay! My plate and cup are the same color!"  "Yay! Go to the store!" And he makes me feel like a million bucks every morning when he first sees me--he is so dang excited.  
  • He loves his daddy.  The highlight of his day is when Cameron gets home from work.  He's always jumping up and down screaming, "Daddy!!!!!!!"  Then, they play in the backyard together and water the garden.  It's the cutest thing ever. 
  • He is still super heavy and super tall.  Near 100% for both.  
  • He loves to play in the backyard.  He rides his bikes around, kicks balls, throws balls, runs in circles, sidewalk chalk, jumping, paints with water.  Really, anything active. He is 100% boy.  
  • He loves baths. 
  • He loves going to the park.  Sometimes he's really brave and sometimes he's not.  He's gotten really confident at the park just around the corner, but when he's somewhere new he wants to hold my hand.  He loves to swing and says, "I'm an airplane! I'm a bird! I'm as high as the clouds!" 
  • He loves swimming.  We have a Seven Peaks pass, and it's basically the best thing that's ever happened to him.  He just wants to swim in the deep end and begs me to go on the big slides.  He's not loving the splash pad right now (he's very cautious there), but I'm hoping he'll get more brave as the summer goes on.  
  • He is so silly and has the cutest sense of humor.  He's very into slapstick.  It's fun to makes jokes you know he'll think are funny.  Like last night, his Pooh Bear fell on his book while we were reading, which he thought was hilarious.  And then I said, "Pooh is trying to eat your book!  He must be so hungry!" And...Andy was giggling so hard he could barely breathe.  I love his sweet, simple sense of humor. :)  
  • He's really become a lot more academically interested.  He likes doing "school," which is basically where we sit and focus on a letter.  He's not great at writing letters (other than "A," which he's got down pat!), but he's great at identifying letters, which we do in random magazines.  It's so fun to have him point out letters he sees as we go around town..."Look mom!  It's an A!  I see it!  On the sign!"  He's got them down pretty well through L and then a few random ones after that.  We used to work on shapes, but he's so good at those now we've moved on.  He's great at pointing shapes out as we go about our days, "Look mom!  It's like a triangle!" He still struggles in the color category, but is getting better.  He calls red "fire truck" and yellow "dump truck".  I'm loving watching him learn!  I feel so grateful to be his teacher.  I'm looking forward to doing joy school with him in the fall.   
  • He loves our car.  He calls it his new car.  (Even though it's 4 months old now.)  It's white, and when he sees anything that's white, he says, "white, like my new car!" The cutest/strangest thing is that he kisses the car about half the times he sees it.  
  • His favorite color is orange.  But what's strange is that if you ask him to pick out a sucker or something, he always picks the lame colors. White, brown, etc.  
  • His favorite foods are bread with butter (and every square inch better have butter), cheese, apples, eggs, PB&J sandwiches, pizza, pasta...really, he'll eat anything we're eating. He's improved so much.  He's a BIG eater.  He has frosted mini wheats for breakfast pretty much every morning.  His favorite thing in the world is when there are two stuck together--those are called "big ones."  And very rarely, you'll find a true treasure: when there are three stuck together, which is called, "Woah! a GIANT ONE!!!!!!"  
  • He's so affectionate and sweet.  He tells us all day that he loves us.  He's confused about the meaning of, "I miss you," and says it whether he's been with you all day or not.  It's just a term of endearment for him.  There's nothing sweeter than when he all of a sudden says, "I miss you, mama."  
  • He loves to sing songs.  He makes up all sorts of silly songs.  Once he wanted to sing a poo poo song, so I made one up.  It's stuck around and is one of his favorites. :)  He also loves to sing, "I am a Child of God."  He also loves "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," which he calls "The Birdy Song."  He likes when I sing it to him before bed and rub his belly.   And he loves to sing, "Let It Go."  (Who doesn't?!)  His absolute favorite song is, "Happy Birthday."  He sings it to himself year round.  He asks me to sing it to him before bed.  He sings it to Max when Max is sad.  
  • He loves to play with friends.  He's played well for the most part, but is starting to be a little territorial.   
  • He loves to cook and spend time with me in the kitchen.  Whenever I start making something, he brings his stool in so he can help me.  He knows what all the basic ingredients are.  He loves to dump in the ingredients, and does a great job.  I'll always treasure making bread with him.  
  •  I'm loving that I'm not terrified to leave him in a room by himself anymore.  He still gets into trouble, but for the most part he uses objects the way they're intended to be used. more monitors in the toilet.  Phew.  I'm also loving how much more reasonable he is at this age.  He still throws his fits, but there are definitely less.  I think this is partially because he can now communicate pretty much anything he wants to say. His big crying fits are usually after his nap for no apparent reason.  He usually sobs for twenty minutes straight and then all of a sudden says, "I better now!" and instantly is all smiles, carrying on like nothing ever happened.  
  • He loves to go to Costco, which he calls "The Hot Dog Store!"  (Yes, he usually gets a hot dog there and polishes off the entire thing.)  He recognizes the Costco logo everywhere.  
  • He still naps most days.  2-3 hours.  (Yes, I'm lucky and grateful.) It happens 4-5 days a week.  The other days he just has quiet time in his room.  He goes to bed about 8 PM and wakes up about 6:30 or 7 AM.  He's so great at going to bed; it never takes too long.  We pretty much just pray, read a book (two books if it's dad putting him down), and maybe read a song.  He likes to turn the light off with his toes.  And then he's good to go.  
  • He is so sweet to Max.  He's always bringing him toys, a binky, etc.  He sings him songs when he's sad.  He's always excited to see him first thing in the morning.  If he's not around, Andy always asks where he is.  
  • He's still a fan of the something.  (AKA watching TV.) He loves Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, and Mickey.  
  • He's developing some manipulation techniques.  He says, "One more minute!" ten times a day.  And he magically gets hungry the second we tell him it's time for bed.  ;)  He also whispers when he's asking for something he think he won't get.  No idea where that comes from. 
  • As always, he can throw some killer tantrums.  I actually feel like they're a little bit better, but it's still once or twice a day.  He usually has a hard time waking up from his nap and cries for twenty minutes after.  He always snaps out of his fits all of a sudden and then says, "I better now!"  And then he acts like it all never happened, carrying on his way.  
  • His language is so good for the most part, but he still has some crazy words and phrases.  Example #1: About half the time, he calls apples, "Apple Penis!" It's particularly inconvenient at the grocery store when he yells it at the top of his lungs when he spots apples.  I have absolutely no idea where he got this from.  I'm pretty sure one of my sisters taught it to him to be funny/annoying.  Example #2: He has this frisbee type thing he likes to throw around.  He calls it "Dirty Dan."  What the heck? He also says, "Ta da!!!" to show me things multiple times a day.  Too cute.  He went through a few weeks when he repeatedly asked to "go up the mountain."  Nothing we did seemed to qualify.  Who knows what he meant?
  • He's started to do introductions, which is adorable.  Someone came over today, and he said, "This is my brother Max.  And this is my mommy."  He also introduced Brendan (Cameron's brother) to Cameron, which was cute: "Brendan, this is my daddy."  
  • He loves to look at pictures and videos of himself on our phones.  And he can maneuver around the iphone perfectly.  And he takes lots of random pictures on my phone.  
  • He loves clothes.  He's always pointing out his "new shoes" to people.  He's very excited about all his shirts and has a way to refer to each one: "my pirate shirt!," "my superman shirt!," "my race car shirt!," "my polar bear shirt!" He also loves helping me with laundry and very carefully puts the folded clothes in his drawers.  
  • He loves to help in general.  It makes him feel important and like a big boy.  He loves to empty the silverware from the dishwasher.  He loves to carry groceries in from the car.  
  • As always, he's very mischievous and gets into a fair amount of trouble.  It makes life exciting though, right? 
I don't think we could possibly adore our Andy any more than we do.  He's such a light in our lives, and brings such a vitality to every minute of every day.  

It's hard impossible to get good pictures of him at this age, but here are a few attempts: 

Can you spot Andy? Here he is playing hide and seek.
He still loves to sort things.
Water painting.
He has done this multiple times.  He helps himself to whatever he can find while I'm showering.

He loves wearing this hat, and I love him in it.
He loves to exercise with me.  And he does the cutest push-ups I've ever seen. 
Not many toddlers have mastered 4 inch heels.  We're very proud.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

April & May

Spring was pretty great around here! Some fun things we did...

  • We celebrated Greg's birthday at a delicious Greek restaurant.  
  • We had my family over for breakfast and watched General Conference. 
  • I went to see Les Mis at Hale Centre Theater with my sister Rachel.  It was amazing.  I still can't believe that was a local production. 
  • We had a fun dinner with Grandma Lee at Cous Cous.  Scott and Nicole and their cute kids came too. 
  • Our wonderful friends Kasee and Jason came in town from Texas.  I got to go to Kasee's baby shower with some other Texas friends; so fun to celebrate their beautiful little girl!  We also got to have them over for dinner at catch up.  We miss them sooooo much.  
  • Easter was so fun!  Holidays with kids are just the best.  We did our own little traditions at home with Andy--colored eggs, made him an easter basket, and hid the eggs we decorated.  We did an egg hunt at my Messick grandparents' house, did a hunt at my parents' house, and did a big family party at Cameron's parents complete with another egg hunt.  Yes...that's four egg hunts.  Andy was in heaven because egg hunts are pretty much his favorite thing ever.  We're now almost two months past Easter, and he still asks us to hide eggs almost every day.  He even hides them for us sometimes. :)  

    Andy's basket.  Yes, I'm one of those lame moms who gives books (from DI) and only one treat.

    Cute matching brothers in their Easter outfits.

    Max's first egg hunt.
  • Our fun neighbors the Taggarts invited us over to make s'mores.  
  • Sara got back from Jerusalem!  It's been so fun having her around. 
  • After working some insane hours for a while, Cameron took a day off work for some family time.  We had the best day!  We went to Discovery Gateway in the morning, to the Rec Center for swimming in the afternoon, and to our favorite place for dinner, Plates and Palates.
  • No pictures, but my sisters Rachel, Sara, and I did a makeup class at Sephora one saturday morning where we learned highlighting and contouring.  Considering we didn't even know what those were before attending the class, I'd say we learned a lot!  It was fun to have some sister time. 
  • I had a really fun ladies night with some Texas friends to celebrate Lindsay's birthday.  It's always so fun to get together! 
  • We had a really fun miamaids party at the Rec Center.  Basically, I got to spend my night kid-free, sitting in the hot tub and going down the slide=pretty much the best night ever. 
  • I went to dinner with good friend Jessica just before she moved.  It's been so fun spending time with her!  I'm so bummed to not have her close. 
  • Mother's Day!  I'll just say it wasn't my favorite day; I had to speak in church and teach Young Women's. (I don't think they should ask a mom to speak on Mother's Day. Am I right?) Cameron still made it nice--he made me a yummy breakfast and gave the best present ever: a ladies night that happened a couple weeks later with pedicures, manicures, dinner at the Dodo, and a movie.  Later that day, we did double dinners, first with my family and then with Cameron's.  
  • Cameron and I went to the Nickel Creek concert.  We have loved them for forever, so it was amazing to see them reunited and live. 
  • We hosted a Texas reunion party when our friends the Bradshaws were in town.  It was so great to see everyone! I loved watching all those kids playing together.  The Smiths, Reicherts, and Craguns came along with the Bradshaws.  We had a blast. 
  • We went to Discovery Gateway with my cousin Nichole and her cute kids.  It's so fun seeing family more often!
  • Andy attended his first birthday party!
  • We spent a really lovely sunday afternoon on temple square. The weather was perfect.

Andy was waving to Jesus.
  • We had a great Memorial Day.  We went on a fun hike in Farmington with my family and finished the day with a barbecue. 
I promise the hike was prettier than it looks here.
Cutest picture of Max on the swing.
This is Andy being king of the rock on our hike.
  • I need to document the crazy amount of gardening and yard work that went on.  Cameron has developed quite the green thumb!  He loves working out there.  (I'm lucky he likes to do it, because I don't.  Too many family nights spent weeding growing up, I guess!) We're growing tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, green beans, strawberries, basil, artichokes, cilantro, raspberries, and blackberries.  We also planted a peach tree and two apple trees.  
  • Cameron took a trip to San Francisco with his friends (and co-workers) Blakely and Joel for a work conference. They went a little early and had a great time hiking and seeing the city. 
  • We had lots of family visits!  We had a great visit to see G.G. (Cameron's grandma.) Andy loves her! 
  • My poor sister Rachel had terrible jaw surgery in May.  The up side was that we got to see her a lot while she recovered!  We went to the zoo one day together.  I talked and talked and talked while she listened and listened and listened.  (Since her jaw was wired shut.)
I love seeing this lion!  I remember it from when I was little.  
He always wants to ride the ladybug.  (Which is actually a grasshopper.) 
  • My mom completed the St. George Half Ironman.  Isn't she amazing?
  • We had many fun visits to the Park!  At least once a day, sometimes twice. 
  • And, as usual, lots of Andy shenanigans. 
    Is there anything cuter than a toddler bum? I think not.

    What, you don't eat your cheese like this? ;)  I've caught him doing this numerous times.