Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camping at Redman

Back in July, we took a camping trip with my family up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Redman, a long-time favorite campground.  It's been a long time since we've all camped together, and it was so much fun! (Even though I had to leave to take Max to sleep at home and come back in the morning. The woes of a nursing mother. ;)  Christine and Sam were in town from Ohio, so we had almost everyone all together.  (we missed you Ben!)  We had lots of fun eating yummy food, playing kick the can, chatting, roasting marshmallows, and all that other good camping stuff.  We decided we definitely need to pick back up the tradition and make this an annual thing! 
These two cousins sure love each other! They held hands the whole car ride up.

Max & Sara.  These two have a special bond. :)
Andy was filthy within five minutes of getting there. 

Grandpa serenading Max with the harmonica.

We loved having Christine and Sam in town!



As usual, I'm doing some back tracking.  We had a wonderful month of June!  Here's a little review:

We  Cameron spent lots of time working in the yard. You should see these planter boxes look now: FULL of delicious veggies!  Turns out Cameron has quite the green thumb.  We grew lots of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, basil, cilantro, strawberries, and cucumbers.  He also planted two apple trees, a peach tree, a few raspberry bushes, and a blackberry bush.

We had a great little overnight camping trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon with the Craguns and the Reicherts.  So much fun!  All the ladies and our babies came home early and didn't spend the night, and all the guys stayed and slept over with the toddlers.  It was Andy's first time camping and he loved every minute of it.  He loved spending time with the other munchkins.    

Visits with great-grandparents.  Here's Andy with "Grandma Great."  

Lots of swimming in our kiddie pool and lots of brotherly bonding.  As Andy says about Max, "He loves me!" 

We have the best splash pad in our neighborhood! We went a couple times in June and Andy was so nervous about it all.  He just wanted to hold my hand or sit on the towel.  Now, he loves it and runs around like a crazy person. 

The dinosaur park at City Creek on a rainy day:

We had a wonderful Father's Day around here.  We went out to dinner at Market Street the day before to celebrate Greg. We had dinner on actual Father's Day with my family to celebrate my dad.   The boys and I got Cameron some new shoes and hopefully made him feel special that day with a yummy breakfast.  

My boys and their dad on Father's Day. They sure love him!
We went to Seven Peaks a lot with my mom and Abby.  (We've tried to go just about every week all summer!) The boys have loved it.  Max is quite the water baby.  And Andy is fearless.  He loves that wave pool and is a newfound lover of the kiddy slides.  

We celebrated my mom's birthday up Mueller Park Canyon with a barbecue. Don't I have a beautiful mother?!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Park City

We just spent the most fabulous week up in Park City with my family.  We stayed at Marriott Mountainside with my immediate family. (+Jordon, Sara's finance, who is soon-to-be immediate family. Yay!) Even Christine and Ben came in town with little Sam.  It was so wonderful to have everyone together!  My parents' were generous enough to get two entire units, so we were all very comfortable.  We took turns making dinner, which worked perfectly.

We went swimming and hot-tubbing lots  (which Andy loved, loved, loved).  And we made s'mores lots of times at the fire pits.

I had some great runs up there!  I want to move to Park City for the trails.  (Amongst other things.)  Cameron and I even got to do a couple runs together, thanks to the generous babysitting of my dad, Sara, and Jordon.  I also had a great run on the treadmill (boo, pouring rain) next to Rachel.

We had the most amazing lip sync contest one night.  We all were teamed up with a partner and prepared a surprise number to perform, Jimmy Fallon style.  Oh my gosh, I loved every minute of this whole thing.  So hilarious.  Ben and Christine did, "You Raise Me Up," by Josh Groban.  Sara and Jordon did Eminem's, "Just Lose It."  Cam and I did Evanescence's, "Wake Me Up."  Rachel and Abby did some ridiculous song about wearing purple.  (Which reminded me that Rachel is likely the most hilarious person I know and needs to try out for Divine Comedy.)  My parents did a techno biking song--they seriously knew every word.  This is definitely going to be a yearly tradition!

We went out to eat a few times: Squatters for breakfast, Cafe Rio, and a pizza place on Main Street.

We walked around the Kimball Arts Festival one night.

We got day passes to do all the summer activities they have at the Park City Resort.  Even though it rained half the day and all the rides closed, we still fit in tons of sun stuff! We did the alpine slide, the alpine coaster many times (everyone's favorite), the zip line, mini golf, the carousel and other little kid rides, the trampoline, etc.  Andy had the best time!  I still can't believe how brave he was on the coaster.  That thing goes fast and he kept asking to go again and again.  A group of us, including Cameron and I, did the zip line, and it was super cool.  We tried to go the day it rained, got up there, got in line, they closed it, and they had to drive us back down.  But it worked out well because they gave us tickets to use another day, so we went on tuesday when they had no line. And then I sweet talked them into giving us an extra ride on the coaster because it had been so rainy the day before.  We LOVE the coaster! :)

Andy road the coaster four times!  With Cameron, with me, with Rachel, and with my dad.  

Sweet Max was so good the whole trip! He slept like a champ in that hotel bathroom. :) 
We went bowling on one of the rainy days.  Andy and Sam loved it! I won't bother saying which team won because it wasn't ours.  We always love bowling with the family.  

We played lots and lots of Scum!  We were only mad at each other about half the games, so I consider it a success. ;)  We also played Telestrations, another family fave.  

We celebrated Cameron's birthday with a surprise cake!

What's a trip to Park City without a couple trips to the outlets?! Though I always love a good outlet trip, I did miss Max's first crawls.  My dad was babysitting for me.  I came home to find Max starting to crawl! I proceeded to tell everyone, "Look!  He's starting to crawl!" And my dad said, "What do you mean? He's been doing that the whole time you've been gone!"

Andy had the time of his life being around so many people.  He loves people!  Especially people who give him so much attention! :)  He called everyone his "friends" or his "buddies."  If we were getting in the elevator, he'd say, "Wait!  Wait for my buddies!"

Cameron, Ben, and Jordon all ended up needing to go back to work on the same couple days, so we had lots of girl time (plus dad!).  We went on the most beautiful hike/walk.

It was surprisingly cold, so we put this random t-shirt on Max.  He looks cute in everything. :) 

Thanks so much to my parents for the amazing trip!  We had a blast!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Max at 8.5 Months

8.5 months is a strange milestone, but I've got to do this while I'm thinking about it!  Our sweet Max is nearly 9 months old.  I can hardly believe it.  I'm seriously in love with this little guy.  He's at such a wonderful stage.  He really is a great. easy baby these days.  He's just so happy.  Some things to note about our sweetheart:
  • He LOVES food.  This is such a wonderful experience after dealing with Andy, who had the hardest time learning how to eat.  Max will eat virtually anything we put in front of him.  He loves pureed things, finger foods, and pieces of anything we're eating.  His favorite pureed foods are sweet potatoes, oatmeal cereal, apple chicken, and macaroni & cheese.  He also loves puffs, cheerios, bread, croissants (who doesn't love croissants?), pretzels, graham crackers, pieces of turkey, green smoothie, grapes, strawberries, bananas, melons...really, anything we've given him.  He used to eat his fruit out of one of those mesh things, but he's moved on now.  I give him two solid meals for breakfast and dinner.  I used to feed him some solids for lunch too, but I'm trying to cut back on how much solid food I give him because he was losing interest in nursing.  Cutting out the solids for lunch has helped, but I'm still having the hardest time keeping him interested in nursing.  I have to nurse in the dark, in his room, and make sure he can't hear anyone, especially Andy.  Max just wants to play! 
  • He thinks Andy is hilarious.  And Andy's always trying new things to make him laugh.  
  • He is so close to crawling.  He turns all around, moves backward, rocks on his knees...I feel like we're a couple weeks away.  (Is it horrible that I'm kind of dreading once I have two mobile kids?)
  • He's very fidgety.  He just wants to move.  He's also a professional grabber.  You think you've placed something out of his reach, and then BAM!  He's fast and has a long reach. 
  • He loves to be held.  And if you're holding him, he loves to get really close, stare intently into your eyes, and use his pointer finger to explore your mouth.  
  • He's still a total mama's boy, and I love it.  He lights up and starts bouncing/kicking like crazy when I come in the room.  
  • He's very social.  But I feel like it's in a different way than Andy is.  I don't think he'll be saying hi to everyone at the store like Andy does, but I think he values relationships and spending time with people.  He loves attention, making eye contact, smiling at people, and connecting with them.  
  • He has the sweetest giggle.  I love tickling him (he's very ticklish) so I can hear it. 
  • He loves when I give him kisses.  
  • At night we coo back and forth to each other, and it's just about my favorite part of the day.  And after his feeding right before bed, he'll lay in my arms, relax, and cuddle.  He won't do that the rest of the day (too much to look at!), so I really soak it in.  
  • He's chubby!  Not sure of his weight/height right now, but his legs are deliciously thick. 
  • Fantastic napper.  He takes two naps, each is about two hours long.  I just set him in his crib and he falls asleep without a peep.  Still not great at sleeping at night.  He sleeps from 7-7:30 or so, but still wakes up 2-3 times to eat.  I need to eliminate at least one of those feedings, but I'm hesitant because he seems to nurse so much better at night than during the day, and I'm already worried he's not nursing enough.    
  • He loves the pool and the sun.  It's heaven for him.  
  • He's wearing 12 month clothes. 
  • He loves peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, etc.  
It's hard to capture the sweetness that is Max into words.  But we love, love, love this sweet person.  If I'm having a hard day, he's sure to be the one to lift my spirits.  How grateful we are that he's part of our family!
Swinging solo for the first time!

Amazing lashes and cutest little bum.
Sweet potatoes!!!