Sunday, July 29, 2018

Violet at 21 months

I can't believe our girl is almost two! She brings so much sweetness to our home. She's a big tease, knows exactly what she wants, and has us all wrapped around her finger. A few things: 
  • She's pretty tall! 80th percentile or so at her last well child visit. 
  • She finally started walking at the beginning of May when she was 18 months old! It instantly made her seem so much older; it was like she became a toddler overnight. We realized how tall she is! 
  • In the last couple of months her speaking has exploded! She'll copy anything we say and can probably say 50+ words. Her most distinct are Mom, Dad, Bax (Max), Binky, Blankey, bop (book), show, cookie, pizza (she said it "itz-pa" for a little bit, it was so cute), play, bottle, treat, doggy, hi, bye, etc. 
  • She is obsessed with her blanket and carries it everywhere. When she leaves her crib, she absolutely needs both her blanket and binky. 
  • She loves to brush her teeth while I do her hair. 
  • She's the queen of dirty looks. She lets you know exactly how she feels! When she doesn't get something she wants, she is totally devastated. 
  • She loves to eat. She's a sauce girl! She loves dipping everything. Or just eating straight-up sauce. :) She also loves to rub whatever she's eating in her hair. Her favorites seem to be pizza, chicken nuggets, and spaghetti.
  • She and Max love to play chase around the house. 
  • She LOVES to read books. She always brings them to me then climbs on my lap.
  • She's the cutest singer ever. Her all-time favorite is Old McDonald, and she's always singing "E-I-E-O" (with correct pitch, I might add). She makes the funniest pig noises. She also loves to sing along to The Greatest Showman. She loves music in general. If I'm trying to play piano or I'm trying to practice with Andy, she has to be playing too. 
  • She loves nursery. She never had a moment of dislike. In fact, if I have to change her diaper during nursery, she's very upset. 
  • She lives for being outside and hangs by the door begging to out--especially if her brothers are out there. She loves to explore and climb. She's by far our most adventurous toddler so far. She likes walking across tables and scaring me. 
  • She's into everything now. Everything. All the time. It drives me crazy, but it's also very cute. 
  • She officially likes to watch a "show". She'll point to the computer and ask for one. She really only likes Baby Einstein, though I'm determined to make her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. 
shortly after she learned to walk

my favorite picture of her lately. Such an iconic summer shot.

she is loving all our pool time this summer! she loves to float on her back and play with Dad (who is more fun than mom at the pool)

she loves to read books and Andy is always so great to read with her

she loves to play piano and is so musical

she and Grandma Jean adore each other

she's obsessed with her blanket and always needs it

she loves her bottles

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Andy at age 7

HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY to our Andy! 

It's one of the greatest blessings of my life to be this wonderful boy's mother. He's a total light and energy in our home. He's a hard worker, has a good heart, is so bright, and is always working on something. He's destined to do big things in life! Some things to remember about Andy at this age: 
  • He's incredibly creative: he's always working on projects. He gets up every morning around 6 and by the time I wake up at 7 or 7:30, he's always showing me some fun thing he's been working on. A book of dragons, a book about his beanie boos, a school folder for each of his beanie boos, etc. Or a lot of times he's already started on his work for the morning--he's a true self-starter. 
  • He's a very friendly neighbor. :) He delivered notebooks he made (blank paper stapled together) to a bunch of our surrounding neighbors. We just had new next door neighbors move in last week and he was the first one to stop by (without me knowing). He told the man all of our names and middle names, church callings, how old we are, etc. and seriously said, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" ha ha ha
  • He's so smart. Good thing we didn't hold this summer birthday boy back! He's at the top of his class, and his teacher suggests that we get him tested for the gifted and talented program. He just finished first grade in Mrs. Knight's class and will start second grade in the fall. 
  • He's a fantastic reader. I think he's told everyone he knows that he's on level 17 on Lexia (the reading computer program at school) and he's the highest in the first grade. (Confident boy!) Apparently that's a 4th grade level or something? He's really taken off with chapter books this last year! He read his first chapter book in October or November (in a single morning after he got up early). He's read dozens and dozens since then. He loves the Magic Treehouse Series, Bailey School Kids Series, Notebook of Doom Series, and we just got him a Roald Dahl collection he's loving and working his way through. 
  • He's always coming up with fun initiatives and ideas--he hosted a neighborhood bike race this year, which he made invitations and invited people to without even telling me, ha ha. And then he made a SSMP (super secret monster patrol) inspired by the notebook of doom series and held meetings with some neighborhood kids. 
  • He's become really into Legos. Most of his birthday presents were legos and he spends a good chunk of time working on legos each day, especially if he has a new set to work on. 
  • He continues to excel at piano. He gave his first recital back in March, where he performed 19 pieces all by himself and was the entire program! He works so hard each day practicing and rarely complains. I'm so proud of him. He's a hard worker. Right now his favorite thing to play is "Clowns" by Kabalevsky, which we're all a little worn out of. :) 
  • His favorite friends to play with right now are Beckham, Mitt, Isaac & Ren (our twin neighbors who just moved), Henry, and Owen. 
  • His favorite foods are nachos and pizza. He's not excited about eating much else and is the most terribly picky eater. :( 
  • He's turned into a great swimmer! He begs us to go swimming every day. And we feel like we (basically) don't need to watch him anymore. He can swim all over the deep end and loves to touch the bottom. 
  • His singing is the sweetest thing ever. He has this (slightly forced) vibrato that is the cutest thing ever. He sings loud and proud and I love it. 
  • He's still the most high energy person I know! He never walks. He always runs or skips (cutest thing ever). When I pick him up from school, I love to watch his large-leap skips over to the van. 
  • He still loves his TV time. I let him have an hour/day of screen time, but he could definitely watch all day if I let him. 
  • It's looking like he's about to get glasses! He's got an appointment with an ophthalmologist in a few weeks. 
  • He's still super tall (90th percentile) and handsome as ever. 
How we adore his big personality, and feel SO lucky to have him in our home! 

He got a superior at his first federation!

first solo piano recital

with his amazing teacher Mrs. Knight who came to his recital!

His class before the Ridgeline Run

The best big brother to Violet. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Jackson Hole

We took a quick, last-minute trip to Jackson Hole as a family. We had a blast!

hotel balcony

our favorite ice cream shop

We went to see the Bar J Wranglers, and the kids loved it! This cute employee helped the boys pick out their cowboy hats.

The boys also each got a little gun. Maxy is just the cutest thing ever.

Boat ride on Jenny Lake

Hike to the Jenny Lake Waterfall

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Switzerland: Lucerne, Zurich

Our last 2 days were spent in Lucerne and Zurich. We spent our day in Lucerne doing the Golden Loop (first a boat ride across the lake, then a cable car up to the top of Mt. Pilatus, then a tram down) and hung out around the city going to the different towers/ramparts. Of course it was some national holiday so all the stores were closed in the old town, which was a bummer cause I guess it's typically a pretty cool to walk around and browse. 

Zurich was awesome! We mostly walked around seeing different sites then spent the afternoon at the lake where the guys went swimming. It really was a beautiful city!
boat ride in Lucerne

taking the trolley car up to Pilatus

the view from Pilatus

it was a cloudy day, but the view was still pretty amazing!

old bridge in Lucerne

these towers go across part of Old Lucerne and you can walk across them and climb up some of them.


the guys swimming in the lake

fondue on our last night in Switzerland!

love this bunch