Sunday, June 21, 2015


We had a wonderful Easter around here!  All the celebrating was spread out to a few different occasions: 
  • We went to an egg hunt at Mueller Park Junior High.  Not much of a hunt, but the kids had a blast.  

  • We dyed eggs at home for the Easter Bunny to hide.  Andy was all about this.  

  •  The Easter Bunny kindly visited a week early, since Cameron and I were in Cancun on Easter Day.  He brought Andy a kite (an "easter kite," as he still calls it), a chocolate bunny, and a new workbook.  Max got some peeps and some measuring cups.  Mom and Dad somehow got the good stuff: Cadbury Eggs and Reeses Eggs. 

Andy LOVED taking the new kite out for a spin.

  •  Cameron's parents were watching the boys on Easter Sunday, and they took them to the Baker Family Party/Egg Hunt.  Suffice it to say, I think the boys got their fill of egg hunting for the year. 

LOVE this picture of our little Maxy.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Cameron and I spent an incredible six days in Cancun at the beginning of April.  (No kids invited!) We stayed at Villa del Palmar and LOVED it. It was such a gorgeous resort.  It was way nicer than we anticipated.  Delicious food.  Beautiful room and view.  It was perfect! Neither of us had been to Cancun before.  We're in love!  I don't think anywhere could have more perfect weather.

We spent a couple days hanging around the resort--couples' massage in a hut (best massages we've ever had), time share presentation (to finance the couples' massage), lots of reading at the beach and pool, kayaking and paddle boarding at the beach (for the record-I'm way better at it than Cam), and lots of delicious meals.

We spent a good chunk of one day at Isla Mujeres, and island you take a ferry to.  We rented a golf cart for the day and drove around.  I think we had our best meal there--an amazing seafood plate.  And the view at the restaurant was seriously breathtaking.  We also visited Tortuga Land, which had all these turtles, sharks, and dolphins to look at.  Very fun (and hot!!!) day.

We spent another day at Xplor, a park with zip-lining, rafting, swimming in an underground river (which Cam made me do, even though it was freezing!), and amphibious vehicles. We don't have many pictures, but it was a BLAST.  The zip-lines were amazing.  There were 14 different lines we did; a few of them went through water.  Such a great day!

Such a wonderful trip.  I don't think we'd change a thing about it.  (Except for spending a small fortune on sunscreen at the resort. ;)

One of the restaurants had the BEST guacamole.  We got it three times.
On the ferry to Isla Mujeres.  Our beautiful resort in the background.
Cam had a thing for these white turtles at Tortuga Land.  
Sharks and dolphin at Tortuga Land. 
Our perfect lunch at Isla Mujeres.  It was on the tip of the island, so there was water on both sides of us.

Best. Lunch. Ever.

After our fun day at Xplor. 
The view from our room.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

January, February, March

Time to play a little catch-up!  Here are some of the things we did the first few months of the year.


  • Cameron's grandpa, Harlee, passed away on Christmas Day.  His funeral was at the beginning of January.  It was nice to be with family and to honor him.  

Cute Max took a little nap on Grandpa's lap.

  •  Andy started Sunbeams!  He LOVES it.  

  • Cameron went snowboarding with Brendan at Solitude.  

  • We had the annual crab feast with Cam's family.  Turns out I'm not allergic to shellfish!  I thought I may have been because of some hives I'd gotten previously, but I got tested and was thrilled to find out I could eat as much crab as I'd like. :) 
  • I competed in a piano competition, the Oquirrh Mountain Concerto Competition.  I practiced hard to bring my Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 back!  It was fun...but very stressful. :)  I loved having that part of myself back, but it was really tricky trying to balance that stress with parenting.  I didn't win, which was disappointing.  If I'd won, I would have gotten to play with the Oquirrh Mountain Symphony, which would have been amazing.  But it was also nice to just be done! 
  • Cameron and Brendan went to a Jazz game together. 
  • Valentines Day was so fun!  It's the first time Andy really got into it.  We loved decorating his box and picking out Valentines for his friends.  He even wrote his name and tried to write their names.  I got to host the Joy School Valentines party, which was crazy and a little bit fun. ;)

  • This is what happens when we try to take a picture together on our Valentines Day date. I promise Cameron had fun. ;) We went to Cafe Molise and then indulged and went out for dessert too at The Dodo.  
  • We went to the zoo with the Craguns. It's impossible to get a good picture of these two anymore!
  • We went on a fun date to a BYU Singers Concert.  We both were obsessed with them all during our time at BYU, so it was fun to re-live that.  
  • We went to a few U of U gymnastics meets in February and March.  Andy liked them!  But I think he just enjoys outings in general.  

  • Lots of happy park outings.  And lots of choo-choo trains down the slide.  We had amazing weather in March!   

  • Cameron and I went down to Moab for a weekend, so I could run in the Canyonlands Half. What a beautiful course!  It was fun to travel down for a race.  Sara and Jordon generously watched our boys at home so it could be a fun getaway just for the two of us.  The actual race felt really hard, and it was my slowest half ever!  (1:58)  That's the way it goes sometimes, I guess! :) We had fun eating good food, chilling in the hotel hot tub with bragging runners, and we even hiked Delicate Arch.  Cameron hadn't been to Moab before, so it was a must.  Super fun, quick trip!

  • I can't believe we don't have a picture, but we celebrated Cameron's Grandma Elizabeth's 80th birthday party with a surprise party at Brio!  It was so fun to surprise her.  That same day, Cameron and I went to see Les Mis in Orem at Hale Center Theatre.  It was Cam's first time seeing it!  Super fun because his work friend was Jean Valjean.  
  • My wonderful students had a spring recital.  It's always so fun as a teacher to see my students work hard, make progress, and achieve something wonderful.  
  • My sister Rachel received her Endowment at the temple.  It was so special to be there with her and to be there with so many family members. 
  • Rachel and I went on a super fun sister date to Sawadee and to see a movie.  
  • My mom and I took my Grandma Winterton to the symphony.  It was a treat, because she always took me to the symphony when I was younger.  She doesn't get out much, so I think she really enjoyed it.   

  • An unfortunate event: I got in a car accident. :(  My first time ever being in an accident.  I was fine, and luckily I was alone in the car.  But the car was totaled, so we're in the process of buying...a mini van.  Yep, you heard me right.  And, no, I'm not pregnant. ;) 

  • Cam and I went to see Pentatonix (his favorite) down in Orem one Tuesday night.  We felt pretty wild and crazy being out til 11:00 on a Tuesday.

  • We got to celebrate Greg's birthday with a fun dinner party.  It was so fun to have Ward and Amy there too. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

California, Part 2

We spent another two days in California after Disneyland.  It was the perfect way to end the trip.  Saturday, I got to go for a nice, long run (where I was THIS close to being hit by a car! but never mind), we went to Laguna Beach for a delicious breakfast and beach time, we swam at the hotel, and we ate dinner at Downtown Disney.  Cameron and I got to go out to a late movie with Brendan. It was POURING rain the entire mile walk home from Downtown Disney, but we survived.  
An artistic breakfast shot by Andy 
Sweet Maxy loved the beach 
Andy's pants stayed semi-dry for the first two minutes.
Then he ditched his pants to chase the waves with Dad. 

Andy did a self-portrait then wrote his name.

Sunday we got breakfast, walked around the Santa Monica Pier for a bit, then headed to the airport. 

Too bad Andy has no personality.

Max got lots of practice walking with Grandma.
Many thanks to Greg and Kathy for the best trip EVER!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Cameron's parents took us to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago.  It was SO FUN.  Andy can't stop talking about it.  And I can't stop thinking about it.  We did a little countdown chain leading up to the trip, so Andy was absolutely bursting with excitement when it was finally the day to go.  We flew out on a Wednesday night.  Andy LOVED flying.  He still says that was the best part of Disneyland.  :) Max did great too.  

It's crazy to me that he thinks this was his first flight. I had the pleasure of flying with baby Andy 25+ times before he was 2.  And when I say "pleasure," I say it with complete sarcasm. Those flights with him were the WORST. Guess he loves it now. :)

Kathy bought Andy the cutest little Peter Pan costume to wear the first day of Disneyland.  He LOVED it.  (In fact, he peed his pants mid-day, and like the great parents we are, we let him keep wearing it because he was so devastated at the prospect of taking it off.)  He was like a celebrity that day!  People were taking pictures with him, everyone was saying, "Hello Peter!" (even the characters in the Parade!).  It was magical.  I think I'm converted to costume wearing while in Disneyland.  (For my kids.  I'm not that brave.)

We spent two days in the parks.  It was perfect.  Both boys were SO good.  Max is a dream.  He misses naps like a champ.  He gets a little loopy and sweet when he's tired, but he doesn't really get mad.  Max seemed to like the rides.  Andy loved the rides.  He loves fast rides and is tall enough for almost every ride.  In fact, I made the mistake of taking him on Tower of Terror.  (Worst Mom of the Year Award goes to me.)  The poor thing was scared to death.  He still talks about how scary the Alligator Ride was.  (alligator=elevator=tower of terror) In fact, the other night he prayed that he could go back to Disneyland, but not the Alligator Ride.  HA. He also did not like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Other than that, he loved every ride.  I think his favorites were the Mickey Ferris Wheel, the swings in California Adventure, the Teacups, Alice in Wonderland (he's obsessed with his movie for some strange reason)...and pretty much everything else.

Our first ride was the Finding Nemo Submarine.  
Poor Greg has had some health challenges lately, so he got to ride this super cool scooter while he was there.  And Andy got to steer sometimes.  Somehow he never crashed into anything. Or anyone.

Teacups Selfie!
Andy having tea with Grandma at Minnie's House.
Andy's favorite part was the "Hoorays." (AKA Parades) We went to the Disneyland Parade one day and the California Adventure Parade the next.  I'm not sure I've ever seen him so excited.  He also LOVED Fantasmic later that night.  He kept saying he wanted to watch the movie in the sky again.

Day 1 left him pretty exhausted. I think he peed his pants (again) on the way home.  Let's just say that costume was ready to be retired after Day 1.
Day 2, here we come! 
Here we are, waiting to go in California Adventure.  I got the opening times wrong BOTH days, so we ended up walking around killing time both mornings.  Ha!  I'm not sure Cameron will ever let me live it down. 
Max did SO well in the carrier waiting in lines. 
Andy on the Mickey Ferris Wheel.  His face would change from delight to terror as the cart would slide.

I think the Zephyr was Max's favorite ride.  He got to sit by himself and had this sweet look on his face the whole time. 

I spy Kathy, Andy, Cameron, and Brendan. 
Brendan made it for our second day of Disney.  My goodness, Andy loves him.
I'm not sure who this lady is, but she loved Andy.  And Max loved her stuffed dog.

The three of us got to hang out in the parks Friday night while Greg and Kathy stayed back with the sleeping boys.  Here we are on Space Mountain, which apparently didn't phase Brendan at all.  We also did California Screamin', Toy Story, and we "enjoyed" the line for Indiana Jones for 40 minutes before we gave up.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip! :)