Sunday, November 16, 2014

Park City Staycation (AKA the time Andy pulled the hotel fire alarm)

We had a fun staycation in Park City mid-September.  My parents had a room at Marriott Mountainside they weren't using, so we went up on for a Wednesday and Thursday.  I was mostly by myself Wednesday; Cameron came up after work and took Thursday off.  We had so much fun! It's really the first time we've done a trip, just our little family.  I guess we've always figured it would be more work than it'd be worth, but it ended up being great! Now we're motivated to take the boys on more trips.  :)

I headed up Wednesday morning for a trip to the outlets with my mom.  After that, I headed to Marriott Mountainside to check in and put Max down for a nap.  Max slept just great in his Pea Pod in the bathroom.  (The same old trick we used with Andy.) After nap time, I took the boys swimming.  The weather was really amazing, especially for that time of year.  When Cameron got back from work, we headed downtown and had dinner at Blue Iguana.  I should probably mention that on our way out the door, Andy pulled the fire alarm in the hallway.  The reality of what he'd just done slowly set in as we realized the entire hotel was being evacuated.  Flashing lights, a loud speaker saying, "There is an emergency. Please proceed to the nearest stairs and exit," people frantically grabbing their coats and rushing to evacuate, etc.  True to form, I couldn't stop laughing. I kept trying to cover up my face by holding Max up, so I wouldn't give away what had really happened.  We confessed Andy's crime to the front desk and then left that place, ASAP.  We pulled away just as the crowds were really gathering in front of the hotel.  Ha! Always a good time with our Andy.  Dinner was nice--kind of.  We were quickly reminded that it's just not worth to go to "sit down" places with our boys.  :) We walked around main street for a while after that, then went back and went to bed.
Andy's favorite part of the outlets.  Let's hope I still have a long time until he figures out these things move if you put money in. 
The evacuation. :) 
Main Street before dinner.
Thursday morning I went for a nice run.  Then we all headed out for a hike at Guardsman's Pass.  Oh my, it was absolutely GORGEOUS.  The colors in Park City in the fall are unbelievable.  We ended up doing a couple mile hike to a little lake.  Andy did great the first half, not so much the second half. His little legs were tired.  Afterwards, we picked up a pizza and had lunch at a park then let the boys play.  After giving Max a nap, we went swimming again.  (I think?  My mom brain is having trouble remembering!) We ate dinner at Cafe Rio on our way back down to Salt Lake later that night.  

Short and sweet, but perfect!

What, your kids don't eat breakfast off the hotel floor? ;) 

The colors!



  1. Isn't the peapod the greatest invention EVER?

  2. hahaha Andy! Such a funny story. Sounds like a fun little trip! Your hike was gorgeous!!!!