Friday, November 21, 2014

More October

October was pretty great!  Here's more stuff we did: 

Christine and Sam were in town for a few days before the wedding, so we got to play.  We went to the zoo, the Children's Museum, the park, and they even joined in our field trip to the pumpkin patch with joy school.  

I think this picture is hilarious.
The pumpkin Andy picked.  Max's was bigger, so by the time we got home, Andy decided the bigger one was actually his and this one was Max's.  :) 

The whole class!

Art project at the Children's Museum.
We went on the most beautiful hike up Mueller Park Canyon.  Oh my goodness, the colors!  I don't think there's a prettier place in the fall.  Andy loved it--the first half.  :)  He brought a bag and collected leaves.  

My boys love their grandpa!

She'll kill me for posting this, but Max looks so happy!  Poor Cameron's Grandma had a fall and broke her back. :(  She was in the hospital and then a rehab center the whole month.  We went to visit as often as we could.

Andy made himself at home on GG's bed.  And helped himself to her crackers.
I had another half marathon, the Haunted Half in Salt Lake.  I'll write more about it later!

Cameron's the best daddy to these boys.

Max's birthday was fun!  It was a thursday, so it was mostly a normal day.  We stayed home and played.  We got some frozen yogurt.  So fun to celebrate our little sweetheart!

More fun stuff that's not pictured: 
My cousin Anna and her husband John came over for dinner.  Andy had soccer and lots of swimming.  And we had a fun family breakfast before sunday morning general conference.  

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