Thursday, November 13, 2014

Max's Birthday Party

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for little Max!  The guests included my parents, Cameron's parents, Brendan, Rachel, Sara, Jordon, and Abby.  We had yummy cakes (lemon poppyseed and chocolate), ice cream, and we watched Max go to town on his own chocolate cake.  We expected him to devour his cake, and boy, he did not disappoint.  He timidly tasted at first then started inhaling cake by the fistful, pausing only to say, "Mmmm!" I kept expecting him to have digestion issues all night, but he seems to have inherited my ability to eat large amounts of rich food and feel just great.  :)

He got so many generous gifts! Andy helped him open his gifts opened his gifts for him, like all good other brothers do.  We gave him a little play table (we gave it to him a couple weeks early), my parents gave him a slide, and Cameron's parents gave him a few different things-a piano toy, a rolling ball toy (that Andy thinks is his), and a couple other cute toys.

Poor Andy struggled..  He couldn't handle that all the gifts were for Max and ended up in a fit of tears by the end.  What can I say--it's tough being the oldest.  He did love decorating for the party.  He loves celebrating in general, so on the whole, he was excited that Max was having a birthday.  The first thing he'd tell you was, "Max is going to have a birthday!  He doesn't have any teeth!"

We love you Max!  It was so fun celebrating the sweet person that you are.

A picture for every month of his life.

 Some of the guests:
The Lee guys
Max loves Grandma!

 And lots of pictures of the cutie smashing his cake:

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  1. He looks like Andy so much in these pictures. Happy Birthday to Max! What a cutie, I love how much he enjoyed his cake.