Sunday, November 8, 2015

Max is 2!

How in the world is my baby 2?!?! There are no words to describe this sweet soul.  But I will try because I truly want to remember him forever at this age.

  • "Sweet" is always how I describe Max.  He truly is the sweetest thing.  He's a kind, gentle person. I see it in the way he treats everyone, the way he loves animals and babies, in everything, really.  
  • He's still pretty cuddly and I LOVE it. 
  • He loves to be sung to.  And if I start singing the "wrong" song, he starts screaming "no!" until I start singing the song he wants. He likes me to sing "Key!" (Mickey). And more specifically "Ot Dog!" (the Mickey Hot Dog song). He also loves "Skin-a-ma-rink." And always sings along to "moon" and a few other words. And he's always right on pitch! Mark my words, this kid is a musician. 
  • He's a total mama's boy.  Maybe more than ever? It's *almost* gets exhausting sometimes. ;) He is constantly yelling, "MAMA!!!!" and trying to get my attention. He is persistent until I give him attention. He sobs when I'm not there, leave the room, etc. I pretend to be annoyed sometimes, but I secretly love it. 
  • He's talking more and more.  I'm impressed with how quickly he's learning! I can understand most things he's saying, but most others can't. He's stubborn about his words.  He still insists every moving vehicle is a "choo choo." He'll see a car and say "choo choo!!!" over and over, even when correct him and tell him it's a car. I eventually give in and agree it's a choo choo, and he's very satisfied. 
  • He's pretty stubborn in general.  He's more soft spoken in general than Andy is, but he still knows exactly what he wants. Zero to sixty in two seconds.  He goes from sweet to ANGRY. He can get some serious rage over the smallest things.  I know it's typical toddler behavior, but it just feels so unexpected with him since he's always been the sweetest, most easy going guy. Most of his rage is directed towards taking something away from him that he really, really wants. Like Andy's markers. (Which he calls "elmo" for some reason.) He's quite the trouble maker in general.  He's always getting into things and making messes.  Exciting things like painting our bathroom floor with nail polish. 
  • Recently, he's become quite the climber. It's terrifying. Andy's a little more cautious so I never really had to deal with this with him.  But with Max, I turn around for two seconds and he's on the kitchen counter playing in the medicine cabinet. And then I'll take him down and he's up there again two seconds later. Stinker. 
  • He HATES nursery.  With every fiber of his little being. He did better with it in the beginning, but he just can't handle it now.  You've never seen anyone so upset. I'll leave him in there for twenty minutes and he still can't calm down--he's just hysterical. 
  • He has quite the sweet tooth.  He loves "tweets" and "cookies." He constantly asks for them. This means Halloween was his favorite holiday ever. 
  • He is obsessed with his little "choo choo," a push-along bike thing. He always asks to ride it and oftentimes just goes into the garage to sit on it. 
  • He loves when I chase him around and tickle him. He asks me to do it all the time, "MAMA?! Get you?" Coming from me saying, "I'm gonna get you!" It's very cute. 
  • He loves Andy. He gets sad when Andy goes to school and always points out "Andy buh-bye" a few times while he's gone. 
  • He's a picky eater. Drives me crazy.  He'll love something one day and won't eat it the next.  The one thing he consistently loves is his green smoothie every morning. He also loves cheese. He has kind of an adult pallet and loves nuts and other things that surprise me. He HAS to feed himself everything now and always throws all of his food on the ground when he decides he's done. (I can't watch him eat...the mess stresses me out.) He surprised me at this two year visit and had gained 6 pounds! I'm always nervous he's not eating enough, so that was nice. I think he's 28ish pounds now? 
  • He finally loves some TV shows, which honestly is really nice. I can occupy him for a few minutes if I'm trying to do something. 
This sweet boy is an absolute joy! The Terrible Twos are alive and well, and he's testing me more than ever, but I'm still wrapped around his little finger. Love this sweet boy. 

He'll sit like this for five minutes after his bath.
He loves to play the piano. He does NOT like when it's Andy's turn to practice piano and not his turn.
Livin the life on Halloween on his choo choo.
The cutest little naked bum running around the house.
Sweet brothers.  Max is more likely to do what Andy says than what I say, so I usually put Andy in charge of holding Max's hand. 
Cute guys reading. Max is a lover of books.