Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8 Months

How in the world is Andy 8 months old?!  I can't believe it.  And yet, I can't really remember life before him.  (Or that I ever actually slept at night.)  Some highlights:

  • Just barely started slightly scooting backward! (I don't think he realizes he's actually moving.)  He can turn a little too.  I was convinced he'd never crawl, but it looks like I might be wrong.  
  • Is getting slightly better at eating solids.  I feel like the only two foods he'll eat without being tricked are oatmeal and pears.  We're also working on black beans, applesauce, bananas, and sweet potatoes.  He mostly blows those all over the kitchen, though. 

  • I would be more worried about his solid food habits, but he still nurses a ton and his weight is pretty high--I would guess in the 21-22 lb range.  
  • He is in 12 month clothes! All his clothes make him look so grown up now.  
  • Sorry for the disgusting picture, but I have to document a big part of this month.  TONS of blowouts.  Every time he poops, it's a blowout.  He's struggled being regular now that he's eating solids. He even had his first (and hopefully only) suppository.  

  • Getting better and better at standing while holding onto something!  He still falls over occasionally, but is getting consistently better.  
  • Of course, the biggest "milestone" of the month was getting his helmet, which he wears 23 hrs a day.  I didn't prepare myself for it actually being an adjustment.  Luckily, he adjusted pretty well after a few days.  He doesn't seem to remember it's there and isn't as sweaty anymore.  I seriously think it's been much more of an adjustment for me!  I miss cuddling his sweet head and kissing his cheeks.  I hate feeling a big piece of plastic while nursing.  However, it's going pretty well and we haven't had any major problems.  It looks like he'll be wearing it 3-4 months.  Sad.  

  • Still loves baths, his johnny jump up, his activity center, the swings, and any toy that makes sound and lights up.   He also loves random household toys like measuring spoons, highlighters, and drawstrings. 

  • He is really starting to enjoy books more.  He lifts the flaps up on his books and gets really excited about them.  
  • Loves pounding on the piano!  Naturally, we are thrilled and very proud.  The cutest part is that he stops to look at us every minute or so to make sure we're listening and we approve.  
  • Loves peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, itsy-bitsy spider, etc.  
  • Has developed this fake cough noise he loves to make.  He does it constantly.  

  • He is such a boy!  He loves being thrown around, airplane, spinning in circles...anything active!  
  • He is so chatty and social.  It's fun to hear all the new noises he makes and the new sounds he learns.  He even imitates us sometimes.  
  • He loves to knock on everything...the table, books, the door.  
  • He has the sweetest giggle you've ever heard.  He has such a cute sense of humor.  It's so fun to figure out what will make him laugh.  
  • Loves to be tickled.  
  • Loves Baby Einstein!  This was discovered when our friends Matt & Andrea were babysitting and trying to calm him down.  They had a DVD and popped it in.  It mesmerizes him!  When I can't get him to calm down, I pop it in for a few minutes.  Here he is watching it: 

  • An unfortunate development:  in addition to refusing bottles, he won't sleep anywhere but his room.  This really limits our previous babysitting trading arrangements!  Also, he's decided he only likes to eat in his room, in his rocking chair, in the dark.  Fantastic.  This means no more nursing on-the-go in the car or nursing at church.  He nurses every 3-4 hours during the day.  And every 3 hours at night.  I'm thinking he might sleep through the night when he's 2.  My mom informed me that's what I did, so I suppose this is karma.  
  • We are convinced he's the sweetest boy in the world and can't believe how much we love him!  This really is such a fun stage.  It's definitely an easier phase than some past phases.  He can entertain himself and usually takes decent naps.  We love him!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Shower

About a month ago, my friend Kasee and I threw our cute friend Cami a baby shower.  It was so fun to celebrate her little girl on the way.  (Maya Vera: cutest name ever.)  The theme was "books & bows." It turned out great! (Mostly thanks to Kasee, who is known far and wide for her party throwing abilities.)

I was pretty proud of these cupcakes:

Playing a celebrity baby matching game!  Cami, the guest of honor, is on my left.

Hostesses! Me and cute Kasee.  


Saturday Outings

Lately, we've been taking turns planning our Saturdays, trying to do fun things other than errands and cleaning.  The more we see of Austin, the more we love it.  

 Old Settlers Park, feeding the ducks

 Austin Farmers Market

View of Austin from Mt. Bonnell