Thursday, August 13, 2015

Andy at 4

This is the best age.  I think I say that at every age, but I really mean it this time.  Andy's just as cute and fun as ever, but is also a little more capable and obedient.  It's a magical combo!
  • Andy loves doing what he calls his "learning book."  He begs me all morning until we do it. Basically, they're just little Kumon workbooks to help him get ready for preschool/kindergarten.  He can count to 30 and can write through 20.  He can write all of his uppercase letters and can usually tell you which letter a word starts with. I love how much he loves to learn! 
  • Same thing with plano lessons! He begs me all morning until we do it.  (And no that's not a typo...he calls them plano lessons. :) I've decided he's not quite ready to start serious, formal lessons, but I work with him for 15-20 min a day on rhythm, notes, etc.  He loves it, and I think he's talented! I think early music education is so important, so I love that he loves it. :) 
  • He loves his sweet friends!  He loves to play with them.  He calls both kids and adults his friends--it's cute. :) 
  • He LOVES to swim.  We've gone to Seven Peaks a lot this summer, and he loves it.  He's (overly) confident in the water and could spend all day swimming.  He can swim a few strokes by himself, but still mostly uses his puddle jumper.  
  • As always, an early riser.  He wakes up at 6 or 6:30 every morning.  Before you feel to sorry for us, know that he just plays in the toy room until Cam and I wake up.  So it's fine! 
  • He's very good about his morning jobs. He has to clean his bedroom, make his bed, and brush his teeth. And occasionally he has to clean his toy room if needed.  He's actually a great worker! He does it all the first time I ask, even if I can tell he's not in the mood that day.  
  • His favorite foods are cheese han-ga-burs and basagne. :) 
  • He loves going to primary at church.  He loves his teachers. He loves the songs.  (His favorite is Follow the Prophet.) He's learning so much! He even taught (I use that word very loosely) our Family Home Evening the other night.  He taught us about baptism, prayer, and Jesus.  
  • He's obsessed with praying.  He HAS to be the one who prays or he throws a fit.  If we convince him it's someone else's turn, he still has to say a prayer after them. 
  • He and Max are starting to play well together, occasionally.  But for the most part, Andy is way too rough with him.  We're not sure how to help Andy be more kind to/gentle with Max.  
  • I think the hardest part of life with Andy right now is how destructive he is.  He loves to throw things that shouldn't be thrown, push things over, push every button, pull every lever, etc.  It's very frustrating. 
  • He loves his independence and the things he can do by himself! He has to be the one to close the garage.  And he and I both love that he can buckle and unbuckle himself into his car seat.  
  • He's gotten a lot better at his balance bike! He loves to ride around the block.  
  • He LOVES to sing.  We play Disney songs on pandora in the car, and he's obsessed.  He also sings along to all the songs on the radio.  
  • He went through a phase for a few months when he was constantly pointing out people's "big bum bums" and asking people if they have a baby in their tummy (when they didn't). And usually patted their tummy when he asked.  It was the WORST.  He literally did it a few times a week.  I've got a huge list of people he's offended.  Thankfully, he seems to have finally caught on that you can't say those things to people.  Even though his sweet, naive mind still can't understand why it would make people sad for him to say those things.  
  • He's obsessed with our garden! He goes out to water with Cameron every night and is constantly having me come out to see how big the plants are getting.  
  • He calls Cameron "Cam" instead of Dad.  So funny.  Especially since he calls me mom.  He's just as obsessed with Cameron as ever.  He is the best dad.  
  • His memory is incredible!  We'll pass somewhere we went a year ago, and he starts talking about what we did/saw there.  
  • He still gets into plenty of trouble.  So much of it happens, it doesn't even some noteworthy to me now.  Last week's event was when he poured cups of water through our vacuum pipes during quiet time.  I dumped it out and let it dry out for a few days, and *thankfully* it still works.  How does he even think of this stuff? 
  • He loves to be on the go!  He's always asking me what's next, what are we doing today, how many days until school starts, etc. He's excited about life.  
  • As always, he's a big boy.  He seems to have skipped size 4 altogether and has been wearing size 5 for six months.  He's tall (43 inches?) and weights 43 lbs.  Anytime I try to lift him, I about die. 
Andy is an absolute joy in our lives!  He makes everything fun and exciting.  I'm convinced he's destined for greatness.  I feel so privileged to be the mom of such a special person.  

He asks me to take his picture all the time and does the funniest poses.