Saturday, November 20, 2010

The BEST Husband in the World

This morning is proof that I have the best husband in the whole wide world. My stomach has been upset lately and I haven't been feeling too great. Cameron has been super sweet and cooks all the meals, does all the laundry, cleans the house, and picks up my many messes--all of this without ever being asked, mind you. Though this list is very impressive in itself, what really set the morning apart was a saltine cracker. Yesterday I was doing some online research and read a tip that it can help my nausea if I eat a cracker in bed before I get out of bed. I briefly mentioned it to Cameron and planned to try it out in the morning. This morning I woke up and from bed grumbled a request to Cameron (who was folding laundry and doing dishes) to bring me a cracker. But get this--he had already set one by the bed. How thoughtful and sweet is that?! I'm grateful for a wonderful husband who takes care of me and remembers little things like a morning cracker.