Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Round Rock Home

We've lived in a few different homes in our three years of marriage (4 houses other than our current home!), and I'm wishing I would have documented each of them.  After all, it's where we spend practically all our time.  We've loved our apartment here in Round Rock!  It's been a great home--we'll be sad to leave in a couple months.  Our apartment complex has been great!  It's a really beautiful place and is well kept:

Andy's Bedroom & Bathroom

Main Living Area

(What it normally looks like...)

Our Bedroom & Bathroom

Dresser we refinished! (Guess we didn't get around to doing much to this wall.)

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  1. Your apartment looks so good! You have a great eye at decorating, and taking pictures. I don't like that you're documenting this now because you're leaving soon. Boo.