Saturday, July 14, 2012

Andy's Birthday Party

We had a super fun birthday party for Andy a few weeks ago.  We are so lucky to live by so many great friends!  It was especially fun to have my family in town for the party.  We had cake and ice cream.  My family really helped throw everything together--we had our family's favorite chocolate cake with whipped cream and a lemon cake.  Here are a million pictures:

The Guests 

The Cake

Andy was not a fan of his delicious cake.  Or maybe he's just not a fan of twenty people staring at him clapping?  Either way, he didn't enjoy this part.  We tried to get him to eat some from our fingers, from a fork...he just never got that into it.  Oh well!  Not as much to clean up, I guess?  

"Get this scary thing away from me!"

Comforting him from the traumatic experience.

The Gifts

People brought Andy the sweetest little (and big!) things!  I'll list all his birthday presents, even though some weren't opened at his party.

-The cutest stuffed animals (Tigger & Pooh) from my family.  He loves them.  He sleeps with them.  I catch him playing with them when I go get him in the morning.  They also got him a really cute little dog on a leash he can walk around.

Adorable Stryder with Andy's new toy.
 -Matt and Jaymie gave him Puffs (his favorite!) and a cute goldfish snack container.

 -Siena (let's be honest--it was actually Kristin) gave him the cutest bow tie I've ever seen.  He tried it on and looked just like a Chippendale Dancer.

 -Stryder gave him a really fun air ball popper game.  It stresses him out, but he absolutely loves it!

-Charlie gave him an orange bouncy ball (loves it!) and a monkey cup.  
-Jason and Kasee him a blue bouncy ball, which he absolutely loves! 
-Christine, Ben, and Sara gave him the cutest print for his room.  It has a little boy in a sailboat.  Darling. 
-Cam and I gave him some blocks.  
-Kathy and Greg gave him so many adorable toys!  He loves every single one.  His favorites are the stacking ABC blocks, the bouncy balls, the cheese puffs, and the frog walker. He is working on loving the jack-in-the-box, which currently terrifies him. :)
-Dave, Kelly, and family gave him a super cute book.  

And a bunch more pictures! 

Andy is a bully.  Poor Declan!

Eating his yogurt (his favorite!) at the end of the party.


  1. So fun! What a cute party! I can't believe he's one already!

  2. I just love all these pictures!!! I still can't get over how cute he is. I'm SOOOO glad I could come visit!

  3. He looks like such a little boy in all of these pictures! I love how nervous he looks around his cake, cracks me up.