Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Andy!

My sweet little Andy is one.  I can't believe it.  It just sounds so old!  And it seems like he became so old all at once.  It hit me last week--he got his first haircut, his first "big boy shoes," is down to one time a day nursing, and just doesn't look like a baby anymore.  I feel all sentimental and sorta sad that he's growing up so quick.  Anyway, here are some thoughts from the past month: 
  • Andy is getting his front teeth! One is about half-way down and the other is just popping through.  Poor guy.  
  • He loves to play airplane!  He can't stop laughing. 
  • One of the biggest milestones of the month: no more helmet!  So exciting! He got it off on June 6.  He got down to 3 mm of asymmetry.  (No one's head is really perfect; 2-3 mm is considered "normal.")  There's still a small flat spot, but by this point, Hayley said it wasn't going to ever go completely away.  Overall, we're really happy with his head shape now.  You would never know he'd had a head shape issue by looking at him.  
Here he is with his Therapist at Hanger, Hayley.  She was great!
  • He has done so well with food this month.  He pretty much eats everything!  Hooray for not having to get a therapist after all.  We know he likes something because of this cute grunt he makes, that seems to say, "Give me more.  Now."  He loves pancakes, yogurt, cheese puffs (which I selfishly feed him all the time because it's the only time I can get him to cuddle with me), baby oatmeal, grapes, bananas, my cereal, Chicken Pot Pie soup, and pretty much everything else.  (Except for veggies.  Not his favorite.)  
  • He's weaned down to one feeding.  I definitely am not ready to stop nursing, but Cam and I are going on a cruise without Andy at the beginning of July, so the weaning had to happen.  It just about broke my heart to cut out feedings, he and I both love it so much.   Especially since we worked so hard to learn how to nurse.  It's just become this special bonding time for the two of us and I will miss it terribly.  I can't think about it or it makes me too sad!  Of course, it is so nice to not be undressing all day.  And that Cameron can put him down for bed without me.  He still doesn't love milk or sippies and I'm worried he's not getting enough fluids.  We're working on that.  
  • Has stopped needing his daily prune juice, which he had come to love.  
  • We just found out he is anemic. :(  So he's taking a daily iron supplement=not his favorite.  
  • He likes to blow his food everywhere while he's eating.  It's not that he's full--he just thinks it's fun.  He just bursts out laughing as soon as I say "no!",  so I just try to not laugh and to ignore him for a minute until he stops.  He's a little comedian.  
  • He has such huge reactions to everything, both good and bad.  He gets so unbelievably excited if he sees his favorite foods (yogurt, cheese puffs, anything really).  He grunts and waves his arms. It's adorable.  He also gets so excited to see daddy when he gets home from work.  And when he gets to see his friends.  Unfortunately, he also has huge reactions when something doesn't go exactly his way.  Like when I take one second too long to give him a bite of yogurt.  Or when I take away a pen.  And other equally devastating things.  :)
  • He loves the pool.  He gets so excited as soon as we get there.  He's a busy body, crawling all over the shallow area and trying to escape to the deep section.  
Fresh from a fun pool trip!

  • He had his first haircut on June 14.  He was really good!  I was surprised at how well it went. 

  • He LOVES to be held and wants to be held all the time.  I think this has given me back problems.  It's actually pretty sweet--he crawls up to my legs, pulls himself up to standing, and hangs on to my legs until I pick him up.  
  • He gets into absolutely everything.  I feel like his daily goals are as follows: 
    • Get into the dishwasher whenever mom has it open.  Try to pull utensils out.  When the dishwasher is shut, turn it on and get all the dishes wet until mom remembers to pull the knob off.  
    • Whenever mom opens a bedroom door, make a beeline for that room.  And head straight for the wallflowers and pull them out.  Next, play in the area where the bedroom door and bathroom door hit each other.  Lastly, shut the bedroom door and start crying because you can't get out.  
    • Get into the garbage whenever possible.  Even though mom has moved it into the pantry, she'll forget to shut the pantry door sometimes.  Take advantage of these moments.  
    • Suck on the dish soap bottle underneath the sink whenever possible.  On some lucky occasions mom forgets to child lock this cabinet.  
    • If you get bored, don't forget about the DVDs.  It never gets old to pull all thirty of them out.  There's always the piano music you can pull out and start tearing too.  Sometimes mom doesn't catch you quick enough and you get to tear a little bit.  
    • Open all the kitchen cabinets and pull out the tupperware.
    • Above all, if mom forgets to shut the bathroom door, head straight for the toilet. It's really fun to touch and mom freaks out, which is fun to watch.
  • Sleep?  We thought he'd eventually sleep until 6 if we were consistent about not going in his room until then.  We were wrong!  I haven't gone in until 6 for over a month (except for a week where I decided I'd go in at 5...and then he woke up even earlier), and he still wakes up between 4-5 AM.  Every. Single. Day.  Not exactly my favorite thing.  But hey, at least he's not lacking in determination and fortitude!  As far as naps go, he's still taking two naps, but it seems like he's transitioning to one.  
  • Andy loves to be chased.  I'll get on the ground and chase him around--he thinks it's the funnest thing ever.
  • He loves the vacuum.  How strange is that? (Probably because I smile really big when it's on because it used to scare him.)  I can't really vacuum with him around because he chases it and gets in the way.  
  • He loves to play peek-a-boo behind our backs.  
  • He finally learned how to wave!  It's super cute.  He's also imitating some sounds pretty well.  (Mama, Dada, Yaya, etc.)  He's coming up with new sounds all the time and is extremely vocal.  
  • He's not walking yet.  I for sure thought he would be by now!  He still walks all over the furniture and loves using his walker, but doesn't really try to stand by himself.  He's afraid.  We'll catch him standing by himself, but he doesn't realize he's doing it.  As soon as he does, he sits down or reaches for something to steady him.  Strangely, he'll stand by himself in the pool.  I guess he feels like the water is holding him up?  Anyway, hopefully he'll start walking soon.  But why should he need to walk when mom will carry him 24/7? 
And a few extra pictures: 

 I catch him doing this all day: standing on his tippy toes, reaching for something.  Too cute.  And that little baby bum!  
His new favorite place: dad's shoulders.  

Opening some presents on his birthday eve.  Guess he couldn't wait! 
The blocks in the background are his birthday present from us.  I'm now questioning my decision to buy him something else I'll be picking up all day...


  1. I love his new, spiky hair! I can't believe he is one. Happy birthday, Andy!

  2. So adorable! I love reading everything about him. You write so well I feel like I know him for real! Time has flown by! I swear you were just pregnant with him!

  3. I can't believe he is one! Time has seriously flown by. I am going to miss him! I love your lists of everything he are so on top of it! I can't wait for you guys to go on your cruise, it'll be so much fun!

  4. He is such a cute little boy!! I love that you blog!! I have one too-

    Happy one year to your darling baby!! (my kids are early birds too) :)


    1. Oh, I'm so glad you blog! I'll have to check yours out. I don't write too often, but reading blogs is one of my favorite things.

  5. I just love his big boy haircut! He is the sweetest boy, I LOVE his super happy reactions when Amelia comes around. He is so close to walking, I can't wait.

  6. I just can't get over how cute he is. I'm so excited to come and see his fun personality!!