Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Cruise!

Cam and I went on a 5 day cruise the first week of July.  It was amazing.  It was exactly what we needed: a break from parenting, lots of sleeping, no cooking or cleaning, lots of food, and a break from phones and computers.  We went on the Carnival Triumph out of Galveston, which is about a four hour drive from us.  We went on a cruise for our honeymoon, so it was fun to kind of "re-live" that.  It was a very similar cruise though--for our honeymoon we stopped in Key West and Cozumel.  This cruise, we stopped in Progresso and Cozumel.  (Actually, Cameron went on this exact same cruise with his family about ten years ago!  He says he's ready to try some new ports.)  
Entering the ship!

First night at dinner
I love soaking in the sun; Cam does not. 
"Formal" night 


We did a fun excursion in Progresso. We went to see some Mayan ruins, which was super cool.  Then we went to lunch in Merida, which was not-so-cool.  Well, the city itself was cool, but it wasn't fun following our tour guide around while he tried to give his friends some business.  (ie-we ate lunch at an overpriced, mediocre place and then he took us to a "museum"...which is a store with overpriced tourist items.)  Still, it was a fun day! One cool part of the day was when one of the tour guides identified us as Mormons; he was a returned missionary and everything.  It was fun to talk to him.
Progresso...a pretty run down city

Our obnoxious guide
Before the climb...
...At the top! 



We went snorkeling.  It was a blast!  (Except poor Cam's mask didn't fit right.)  We saw lots of cool things--eels, baracudas, angel fish, grouper, snake, sting ray, etc.  We also stopped at Paradise Beach for some margaritas and nachos.

The Carnival Triumph, in all of her triumph.

A few more random pictures: 

Our waiters danced to the "Applebottom Jeans" song.  It was pretty hilarious. 
I had one every single night.  I love Chocolate Melting Cakes!  Best part of Carnival.   
Lindsey and Jeremy, our dinner friends.  They were great!

Our waiters with some random girls. 
Because we've essentially done this cruise before, there were lots of times we'd take a picture and then say, "I think we have one like this from our last cruise?" Some comparisons: 
Snorkeling 2009

Snorkeling 2012
Death eater towel animal: 2009
Death eater towel animal : 2012
Strange pose: 2009 
Strange pose: 2012 (even in the same coverup!)
Fancy drink: 2009
Fancy drink: 2012
Strangely enough, there were also duplicate pictures of iguanas, but I was too lazy to load those.  :)  Anyway, overall it was such a fun trip!  We missed Andy a lot, and frequently looked through our pictures of him, but it was great for us to spend so much one-on-one time together.


  1. It looks like you had a blast! As an aside, your hair is getting so long! It looks great. :)

  2. looks so fun!!! I like the similar pictures from your honeymoon, haha.

  3. So glad you guys had such a fun time!

  4. The cruise! I am sad that Cameron didn't stand behind the professional camera guy when you were giving your chin poses. I would have loved to see it in action! Ha!

  5. Glad you two had such a fun time! Also I echo Cami's comment. Where are the double chin poses?!!