Sunday, July 5, 2015


We had a two-part Easter this year.  Since Cameron and I were out-of-town Easter weekend, the Easter Bunny was kind enough to visit us the week before.  We did an egg "hunt" at Mueller Park Jr. High, dyed our Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny visited Sunday morning.  He didn't bring much candy for the boys, but seemed more into educational toys.  But strangely, he brought Cameron and I all the good candy. 
Andy got it into his head that he wanted an "Easter kite" from the Easter Bunny.  Luckily, the Easter Bunny pulled through.  Notice Max's measuring cups.  He loves those things for some strange reason.   
We took the Easter Kite out for a spin.
 The boys got to celebrate Easter again with Cameron's parents, which included an egg hunt at Great Grandma and Grandpa Baker's house.
Max and his buddy Ethan.

The boys finally got to wear their Easter Sunday clothes later in April.  Cutest picture ever. 

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