Sunday, July 12, 2015

Birthday Camping

We went camping for a night in June with my family up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We had so much fun!  It's the first time the four of us have all camped together in a tent, and it went pretty well.  Max was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night, but overall did great.  It ended up being Andy's birthday during the camping trip, so it turned into a little birthday celebration.  He's been begging to go camping for months, so it was basically his dream weekend.  (Other than when he lost a round of kick the can.) He soaked in every minute of birthday attention and had the time of his life!  He opened his presents from us up there (a new sleeping bag and some Leap Frog DVDs) and my sisters brought up some fun presents too...a ring pop, skittles, bubbles.  He was just as excited about those as any big presents! :) We can't wait to go again! There's nothing better than sitting around a campfire with family.
"A sleeping bag!!! For my birthday!!!"
"Best weekend ever!"
Max loved throwing rocks in the river.
We surprised Andy and started singing happy birthday while bringing him over peach cobbler with a candle.  He was beaming.

Campfire family selfie! (Max was asleep in the tent.)

"A RING POP!!!!!"  (For some reason, he's been asking for one for months. He'd never had one, so I'm not sure why he got the idea in his head?)

Andy arranged all the chairs for us.
A peek into our tent.
Sweet, sweet Max.  Too cute in his chair.

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