Sunday, July 5, 2015

April & May

April and May were full of fun.  
  • These two started playing together more.  And are they cute or what?!

  • Our church time this year has been slowly killing us.  We go from 1:00-4:00, with sacrament meeting last.  The mornings feel long, so we took a beautiful spring walk in Temple Square one morning.  
  •  Who wouldn't guessed the first snowman of the season we'd build would be in April?! We had a massive snowstorm, so Andy and Cameron took advantage.  Andy loved building his snowman and loved watching him slowly melt even more.  "Look mom! His head fell off!" 

  •  I organized a piano festival (Applause Piano Festival) in our area at the end of April.  I was so happy with how it turned out and had so much fun working on it! 
  •  We took a fun Joy School field-trip to Wheeler Farm.  
I think this picture about sums up Andy's personality.

I love watching Andy and his buddies chat.
  •  I helped throw a baby shower for my cute mission companion, Emily. 
  •  Mother's Day was wonderful.  It was busy with lots of family visits, but Cameron made me feel so loved and appreciated.  How did I get so lucky to get these two boys?! 
  •  I ran in the very wet Ogden Marathon!  It was all very last minute; I bought someone's bib from them the day before.  Considering that it poured rain the entire time, I still had fun and enjoyed myself.  Until I stopped running; then I was freezing.  
  •  Max started nursery! He did so well the first couple times!  No tears at all.  Now he's a bit more hesitant for some reason.  P.S. This picture melts my heart.  
  •  Joy School ended.  We had such a fun first year!  Andy loves his school buddies (Jacob, Elena, Jana, Savannah, and Olivia), and he'll miss having school with them.  
  •  Andy had a great soccer season! There were many, many rained out games, but it was still a fun season.  Andy even made a few goals!  Gooooo Purple Monsters!

  •  Memorial Day was so fun!  We had a fun breakfast with my family, played kickball with them too, I got to go shopping (without kids!), and then we finished the day off with a hike, just the four of us.  And Max fell in love with throwing rocks in the river. 
  •  I love that I get to spend my days with these wonderful boys.  They make my life so sweet.  
  •  We got to go to Cameron's cousin Garrett's wedding in Fillmore.  It was so fun to spend time with Cameron's family and the Curtos.  Any was the entertainment at the reception; he proved to be quite the charmer, asking girls (young and old) to dance, even telling one college-age girl how pretty her hair is. :) 

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