Sunday, July 12, 2015

Andy's Birthday Parties

We rushed back from camping so we could have Andy's friend party on his actual birthday.  He was SO EXCITED!  I let him pick everything out...his (weird) robot invitations, which he loved delivering to every guest.  He picked out funfetti cupcakes with orange frosting.  And cotton candy ice cream cones, of course.  He had about a dozen friends over (craziness!) to run in the sprinklers and play on our slip 'n slide.  Andy loved every second of it, so I'd call it a success.  
He could hardly wait for his friends to come.  Can you tell? His job was to put a party hat on everyone.  
We played a rousing game of duck, duck, goose while we waited for more guests to arrive. 
4 is THE cutest age.  This is the friends playing hide and seek.  They loved to hide in large groups. :)

 We had a family party a week later with Andy's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and G.G. (Cameron's grandma.)  We had "cheese han-ga-burs" (Andy's favorite), and of course, cake and ice cream.  He was spoiled to death with tons of fun presents.  He's one loved kid!
The birthday hat made a reappearance. :)
Max and Jordon have the sweetest bond.

Monster feet!
G.G. gave Andy this biking jersey, and we're all obsessed!  She knows how big into biking my family is, so it's perfect.  Andy has to go put it on now every time he's going to ride his bike. :)  
Birthday boy with his four candles.
I think he was a little confused, basically having three birthday celebrations so close together.  He's still asking when his birthday is, like it's going to be next week or something.  He's officially a fan of birthdays! 

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