Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friendcation Part 2: Galveston!

I probably should have done these Friendcation posts in reverse order, but I was too excited to post all of Andy's adorable beach pictures!  A few months back, our friend Kasee had the great idea of renting a beach house on the coast.  There were four families available to come from our little Colonial Grand group, so we (mostly Kasee) began the hunt for a four-bedroom house in Galveston.  We went from May 17-20.  It ended up being SUCH a fun trip!  (Thanks Kasee for all your work in putting this together!)  We decided we need to have a friendcation quarterly instead of yearly--it was just too fun.  It was so nice to all be able to hang out without kids (after their bedtime).  We never get to do that!  I'm already missing it and hope we can do another trip soon.  The only snag was that Cam had to come join Andy and me a day late because of work.  I'm still really glad we went.  Kasee and Jason were nice enough to drive us down and everyone was so helpful while I was a single parent for a day!

Some highlights--

  • We were literally right on the beach.  It was so fun to be able to walk to the beach in 1 minute.  
  • The house was perfect!  You always worry the house will be less impressive in person, but it was perfect for us.  We really liked staying in Pointe West.  
  • Playing frisbee and trying to play badminton.  (The wind wouldn't cooperate.)
  • Andy waking up at 5AM every morning.  Oh wait.  That wasn't a highlight.  However, it was kind of nice to watch the sun rise on the deck in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Playing games! I especially liked Wits & Wagers--a super fun game I want to buy.  
  • Delicious food!  We ate our lunches in Galveston (great seafood) and then made dinners at home.  It was perfect.  Not to mention all the amazing snacks we ate all day long.  
  • Walking on the beach late at night and chasing the crabs.  I was terrified.  
  • I loved sitting around the table and talking to the girls. (The guys were busy watching the playoffs in the next room.)  
  • All the playing at the beach!  We went to the beach by our house and also in downtown Galveston.  Both were super fun.  
  • Of course, the biggest highlight was spending time with our dear friends.  We feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people here.  There couldn't be better friends.  
I didn't take many pictures (because I was too busy having fun), so these are courtesy of Kasee: 

Our house 
The whole group!  Jason & Kasee; us; Blakely, Lindsey, & Charlie; Juan, Cami, Amelia, & Maya
One of the lunch places we went to

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  1. looks so fun! I"m glad you guys ended up being able to go.