Monday, June 11, 2012

People I Love: Rachel

Rachel's post is long-overdue!  Her birthday was May 1st.  I love her so much. She is such a unique, wonderful person.  I seriously lucked out to have her as a sister.  
  • Where to start?  Rachel is SMART.  I don't know if I've met anyone smarter.  And she works hard. Killer combo.  She was getting the top score in all her upper-class math classes as a freshman and sophomore.  Who graduates from BYU with a 3.96?!  Genius Rachel, that's who.  
  • She is an incredibly hard worker.  Yes, she's smart, but she definitely puts in the work.  She sets goals and quietly, steadily works toward them.  
  • Rachel is such a deep thinker.  It's kind of a joke, because my mom says, "Waters run deep with Rachel," about once a month.  But it is really true.  She doesn't speak to fill up the silence, but when she speaks, it's worth listening to.  Sometimes when she tells me the things on her mind, I realize she thinks on an entirely different (much deeper) level than I do.  
  • She is quite the athlete.  I always joke that I gave her all my athletic genes, because she is SO good.  (And I am so bad. I'm thinking about when she tried to teach me to play soccer. What a joke. Neither one of us could stop laughing.)  Seriously though, she is awesome at every sport she tries.  Her latest thing is biking and I'm so impressed with her.  
  • Because Rachel was "the tomboy" for so many years, it didn't seem like she had much style.  Her outfit of choice for years was soccer shorts and a Peanuts tee that said, "Out Camping." (random.)  However, I think she's graduated to the most stylish of the sisters.  She has such cool style; she always looks effortlessly beautiful.
  • She might be the funniest person I know.  (Okay--I think she ties with Greg, Cameron's dad.)  She is so witty and clever.  She has the best sense of humor.  She remembers every line from every movie and times her delivery of memorized lines perfectly. And they're never lines that are inherently comedic.  She just finds a way to see the humor in them.   
  • She is a beautiful musician.  She was always classified as more into soccer than piano; but hearing her play the 2nd mvt. of Rachmaninoff's 2nd concerto is one of my favorite things about being at home.  
  • She is super good at cooking/baking.  And also super good with Andy (and all kids).  She could play with Andy all day and love every minute of it; and he would be on his best behavior loving every second of it.  Since she's always been the tomboy, these talents always seem to surprise me.   
  • She is incredibly spiritual.  There have been so many times I've caught her pouring over her scriptures.  And whenever she shares any spiritual insights she's had, it is so touching.  She is always willing to follow Heavenly Father, no matter how tough it is.  She really trusts him with everything.  She is such an example.   

Us at her graduation from BYU in April.  
Probably my all-time favorite picture of her.   
Us before her prom in 2008.   
Us way back as I was leaving for England--2006.   
Beautiful Rachel at our wedding.