Sunday, January 1, 2012

The People I Love: Christine

My sweet sister Christine turned 24 a couple days ago. Crazy--I can't believe she's so old. There are so many incredible things about her--it'll be hard to list them. But I'm going to try to list a few.

-She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She has always been this way. I used to take advantage of it when I was younger: I made her scratch my back at night until I fell asleep back when we used to share a room. (I'm a horrible person, I know.) She willingly did it, bless her heart.
-She is so caring. She would do anything for anyone. I remember she beat me in a piano competition once when we were younger. I was really upset about it. She told me she wished I would have won, and not her. She really meant it too. What a sweetheart.
-She is so incredibly smart. She has always done so well in school. And everything, really. (Except for sports, ha ha.)
-She is absolutely gorgeous. Have you ever seen anyone so photogenic?

-She cares so much about maintaining a close relationship with Heavenly Father. I have walked in her room countless times to find her with her scriptures open or kneeling by her bed fast asleep. Ha ha.
-She is such a talented pianist. She knows how to get things perfect better than anyone I know. She has such control and accuracy, it is incredible. I absolutely love listening to her play. Certain pieces will always remind me of her. Listening to her play the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 with the BYU Phil was breathtaking. I was so proud of her- I just cried the whole time.
-She was my childhood playmate. I have so many memories of playing barbies with her for hours. Riding bikes. Walking to Smith's. We had so much fun!
-She is my duet partner! I look forward to playing our Christmas duets every year.
-She is crazy! She may seem like this super proper, poised lady....but she dances around the house crazily singing opera at the top of her lungs. She's so fun to be around.

-She is a peacemaker.
-She's a queen! How many people can say that about their sister?

-She is so forgiving. I teased her relentlessly at times when we were little, giving her horrible nicknames and such, and she always quickly forgave me.
-She is so thoughtful. When I was really stressed out about my master's orals, she found me in the library to give me flowers and say good luck, even though she was so busy herself. She is always putting others first.

I love you Christine!

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