Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights of Christmas Break

We just got back from Utah last night. We had the BEST Christmas Break! We had so much fun seeing loved ones. Some highlights of our trip, in no particular order:

1) The Annual Crab Feast with the Lee Family. Greg flew the crab fresh that day from California. Delicious!
2) The Family Christmas Party with the Baker Family. It was complete with a ham dinner, birthday crowns, chimes, and a modified game of Loaded Questions. So fun!
3) Christmas Eve at Aunt Ann's. Such AMAZING food! It was so fun to see all my Winterton cousins. We had to leave pretty early to get Andy down, but it was still so fun.

4) Visiting my Messick grandparents. We have missed them so much.

5) Having Cameron's Lee grandparents visit. It was so fun seeing them. They always make things more fun. And Grandma Liz might be the best cook I know. I'm still thinking about her Prime Rib Christmas dinner. And I'm pretty sure she's the hippest Grandma around.
6) Going to Tarahumara in Midway and then to Park City with the Lee's.
7) Visiting my good friend Amy, her husband Chase, and their adorable son Cayden. And seeing their beautiful new home!
8) Figuring out that Andy LOVES a Johnny Jump Up. Best thing ever.
9) Having lunch with my friend Katie, her husband Chad, and their darling boy Kaden. They live in North Carolina; we don't get to see them enough.
10) Meeting up with our dear friends Monique and Dima for Cafe Rio. They were probably our closest "couple friends" in Provo. We have missed them so much.
11) The Ugly Sweater Party my mom hosted with my Winterton side. We had so much fun playing Reverse Charades and Catch Phrase! (Me in a sweater from 2nd grade and Cam in one of my mom's sweaters.)
12) Celebrating Brendan's 24th Birthday. We ate at La Jolla Groves at the Riverwoods.

13) Enjoying the Lee's new tv/game room! I found a hidden talent for Gladiator on PS3.
14) Getting breakfast and going to the zoo with my family. So much fun!

15) Celebrating Christine's and Ben's birthday at Texas Roadhouse. I love those rolls. Poor Andy did NOT like the birthday "Yee haw!" and burst into tears.
16) Christmas Eve shopping trip with my mom and sisters (and without Andy) to Fashion Place. I have missed Nordstrom. And it was so fun to go to H&M.
17) Watching movies. We liked "The Warrior" and "The Help." And Cam saw the new Mission Impossible movie.
18) In N Out and Nielsen's Frozen Custard and Cafe Rio. All things we have missed in Texas.
19) Lots of naps and sleeping in.
20) Christmas decorations. My mom and Kathy always decorate so beautifully. It's so fun to be home.

21) The gingerbread man decorating contest. This deserves its own post, but let's just say I'm devastated by the outcome this year.

What a great Christmas break!


  1. What a loaded Christmas break! You did so many fun things and got to spend so much time with family family family. I bet Andy is going to wonder where everybody is now that it's just the 3 of you again.

  2. I am so sad that Andy was sleeping. He is so cute! Wish we could have seen him. I also regret not bringing a camera to get a photo of our Cafe Rio reunion. Miss you and love you, Steph!