Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 Months!

Our darling little guy is 7 months old.  I can't believe it!  He is looking more and more like a "big boy" and less and less like a baby.  We love him to pieces.  He is my little buddy, truly the light in my life.  (Cheesy, but incredibly true. )

  • Still super smiley.  
  • Still LOVES his Johnny Jump Up.  He cracks himself up and gets so into it.  He tries to jump everywhere now, even when he's just in our laps or something. 
  • Still loves to swing at the park.  And go down the slide.
  • Likes walks again.  Yay! 
  • Is huge.  About 21 lbs.  In 12 month clothes now.  
  • Loves to sing primary songs with mom at the piano.  (Or is it just me that likes this?) 
  • Likes to sit in his new high chair.  
  • Sometimes likes to eat oatmeal cereal.  He is very patient when we feed him--he puts his hands up in the air and just waits with his mouth open.  
  • Makes the funniest face ever when we try to feed him something more adventurous like applesauce.  You would think we were feeding him lemons! 
  • Loves his toys!  Especially his baby einstein ones that sing.  
  • Has no interest in crawling.  I seriously wouldn't be surprised if he skips this altogether.  He still hates tummy time with a passion.  You would think we were torturing him by the way he screams.
  • Can stand up and hold himself by grabbing the couch.  
  • Must have someone in his view at all times.  He cries if he can't see anyone. 
  • Still wakes up 3x a night.  (HELP!!!) 
  • Still not the best napper, but I'm coming to terms with this.
  • Is getting a bit better at entertaining himself.  I think he can use his hands and body a bit better, so he's less frustrated overall.  Usually, he's happy to sit on the ground and play with his toys for 30 min. or so.  Yay! 
  • Is starting to like books!  Though he usually is mostly excited about trying to eat them, he does enjoy lift-the-flap books.  His favorite is called, "Where is Baby's Belly Button?"  He looks so surprised whenever I lift the flap.  Darling.  
  • Got a big boy carseat and loves it!  It's so nice he doesn't scream when we buckle him in now.  
  • Loves to be turned upside down! I say "uh oh!" a few times before...he knows what's coming and gets so excited.  
  • Likes to be tickled and has the cutest giggle to go along with it.  
  • Loves to spit and blow bubbles.  
  • Still loves bath time!  He likes to play with toys in the tub.  He screams when we take him out now.  I think it's because he misses his toys?  
  • Loves to play airplane and being thrown up in the air.  
  • Has the sweetest blond hair.  It looks buzzed. 
  • Has the most beautiful eyes and lashes.  People are always commenting on them.  
  • Thinks it's hilarious when I throw my bun from side to side.  Or do anything crazy with my hair. Or do anything crazy in general.  He's probably the only one who enjoys my dancing.
  • Loves peek-a-boo, patty cake, if you're happy and you know it, and itsy-bitsy spider.  
  • And the big news: is getting a cranial band to help re-shape his flat head.  He'd better thank his kind parents one day for spending such an outrageous amount of money on a piece of plastic. 
He is so incredibly sweet and good natured.  We love him so much we can't believe it!  Picture overload:

 Oatmeal face!
 Playing with his buddy Charlie: (or more like staring at him)

 He loves when daddy comes home!
 His two favorite toys:
 Playing piano with his buddy Amelia: (he kept pulling her hair)

 Day at the park:
At the zoo:

 His favorite swing! Makes him happy every time.


  1. I can't believe he is 21 lbs! My 13 month old is barely reaching 20! Such a fun baby! His smile is contagious!

  2. He is just so, so cute, Steph! Kaden still adores the book Where is Baby's Belly Button. We have a Halloween book by the same author, and we are still reading that, even though it's now almost February. He loves those lift-the-flap things. Sure wish you were closer, so we could get together!