Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Day

It's time for a belated Christmas Day post. We had the best Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my family's house. We woke up and went to church and got to listen to Pres. Eyring speak. (He's in my home ward and usually speaks the Sunday before Christmas.) It was the perfect way to start Christmas day and helped us remember what Christmas is really about.

Then, we opened presents! It took forever (which is so fun)--there are getting to be so many of us and we take turns. A highlight from the day was when Christine opened a gift from Ben--a pair of scandalous underwear. (Okay...this was actually a joke I played...)

Andy opening his first present, a darling blanket Aunt Abby made for him:

We packed up in the afternoon and headed to the Lee's for Christmas round 2! We had a delicious prime rib dinner prepared by Grandma Liz and then opened up all our presents. Greg and Kathy (and my parents) are so generous and gave us so much!

I certainly can't remember everything we got, but here are some highlights:

new blanket (aunt abby)
johnny jump up and night light (grandma liz)
lots of books and new shoes (my parents)
lion king and a high chair (us)
a new shirt (ben and christine)
new clothes (uncle brendan)
lots of new toys, clothes, and stuffed animals--his fav. is giraffe sophie (cam's parents)

a massage gift card and new clothes (my parents)
sweat pants (andy)
toms and music to the ravel mother goose suite for us to play together (me)
scriptures, primary song book, true grit, and tools from (his parents)
stylish new shoes (Brendan)

nordstrom gift card and clothes (my parents)
a label maker, 2011 blog posts in a book, a mommy hook, and a movie (cam's parents)
a sweater-- which was first opened by Grandpa Harlie. He thought it was his. Ha ha. (brendan)
from cam: a massage gift card, finale music software, tickets to see the Austin Symphony with Emanuel Ax (YAY!), and the cutest coupons that included lots of foot massage coupons and fun things like "a free night out with the girls," "one saturday where I won't check my phone or computer all day," and "one listening session where I won't play devil's advocate." :) I'm a lucky girl!

As a family:
money (my parents and cam's parents)
restaurant gift cards (ben and christine and cam's parents)
a costco gift card (grandma liz)

We are so blessed to have so many generous family members! We had a fantastic Christmas and we're so grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received.


  1. it was SO fun to have you guys here!!!! I miss you :)

  2. Pres Eyring is in your home ward, whaaat? Man, you're so lucky :) He's one of my favourite speakers ever! That must have been an extra special Christmas day! Sounds like you got super spoilt, it's great getting to spend more time with family over Christmas isn't it!

  3. You guys did have a great Christmas! I love a baby in his pajamas opening presents, and Andy is the cutest.