Friday, June 3, 2011

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Back at the beginning of April I got to go on such a fun cruise with my parents, Abby, and a bunch of my dad's side of the family. Though it was very sad not having Cameron there (he had too much going on with school to come), I had SO much fun! A cruise is the perfect pregnant vacation. I loved sharing a room with Abby and my cute cousin Jessie. I loved spending time with my dad's side of the family. I loved all the great weather and good food. We stopped in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. I think Puerto Vallarta was my favorite--I can't wait to take Cameron back.

In Cabo with a view of our boat:

The worst part of being pregnant during the trip--no jet ski ride for me. :(

My cute parents. Isn't my mom beautiful?

My adorable cousin Justin. I fell in love with him on the vacation.

The whole group on our way to kayak in Cabo:

Hanging out on the ship deck:

Aunt Marilyn and Jessie:

I guess my dad decided to join a biker gang while on the cruise:

Puerto Vallarta! They had amazing sand sculptures:

My Uncle Dave got so bored shopping he decided to panhandle:

Me and my sweet Aunt Diane. Not sure about the face I'm making:

A wonderfully awkward picture of Abby and I on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Don't mind the 28 week pregnant belly.


  1. Steph! This is your long lost study abroad friend Klarissa! I just randomly found your blog and would love to get your email address - my email is I would love to hear details about your trip to Thailand (as I am preparing the head there very soon!)

  2. How fun! I LOVE Puerto Vallarta:) Those sand sculptures really are awesome!