Monday, May 30, 2011

Graduation: April 28-29

Cameron and I are both officially "Masters". Though it was a great experience, we are so excited to be done with the school phase of our life. Cameron got his Masters in Accounting--it's a really competitive program at BYU. I'm so proud of him for getting into the program and completing it so successfully. I got my Masters in Music, a music performance degree. We really enjoyed graduation and had so much fun celebrating with family. I was just about 32 weeks along, which is evident by my growing belly.
We started the graduation celebrations off by spending a night up in Park City. Here we are at one of our favorite restaurants in Midway, Tarahumara.

Us in our cool outfits:

Cam's good friend Dima--they met in the jr. core together and pulled each other through the program.

Cam's Family:

My Family:

My sweet mom came, even though she'd just had ACL surgery:

Cute Abby:

32 Weeks:

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  1. You look so great! Such an adorable pregnant lady. Seriously! I am so excited for you! Your little guy will be here before you know it. Congrats on the Masters--what an accomplishment!