Monday, June 6, 2011

Austin: Our Future Home!

I guess this isn't really "new" news, but we're going to be moving to Austin, Texas in September. We couldn't be more excited! The plan for the past few years has been for Cam to work for Ernst & Young in Palo Alto doing auditing--he'd accepted an offer and everything. But long story short, it never felt like quite the right thing and we were so blessed to get this other job offer with Dell doing finance. Cam will enjoy the job much more and our cost of living will be much much much lower. Plus, we've heard all sorts of great things about Austin--great music scene, great shopping, great biking. We're excited to make it our new home!


  1. Better start learning the Texas state pledge of allegiance. No seriously, they really have one. I do have to say that I have never heard of anyone not liking Austin, it's actually kind of mysterious.

  2. Congratulations! Dan is so jealous - he served his mission in Austin and San Antonio, and he wanted to move there so badly! We are coming to Austin in September for the BYU - Texas game. Maybe we can see you!