Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Family Visit

We're back in Provo and all moved in, but I'm a bit behind in the blogging world. Before we left California, my family came and visited for about a week. We had SO much fun!! I loved having people to hang out with while Cameron was at work. It was also fun to do the touristy stuff a native like Cameron wouldn't never do. Some of the highlights:

A FREEZING summer day in San Francisco. We went again a couple days later when it was a bit warmer. We looked in lots of shops (which is a frequent occurrence with 6 girls in one family), went to the aquarium, took a boat tour, had excellent chocolate and ice cream at Ghiardelli Square, and hung out at Pier 39. We also spotted the bush San Francisco trip is complete without a bush man sighting.

We had some delicious clam chowder in sour dough bread bowls. A San Francisco must.

We spent a couple of days at Santa Cruz Beach, a family favorite attraction. The second time we went, Cameron even got to go with us! We had SO much fun. We went on rides at the boardwalk. We went on walks. We watched Sara dance crazy while listening to her ipod, wandering around the beach. I embarrassed Sara a couple of times...1) I asked these guys if they would mind taking a picture with my sister. I told them she was too embarrassed to ask herself. He he he. 2) I also went and asked this guy if he would mind helping her build a tunnel in the sand. He came to help, and Sara was quite confused. Anyway! We had a fantastic time.

Sara with her men:

Sara dancing crazily while people watched her.

My hot beach outfit.

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  1. Sweet vacation, did you go to Alcatraz? I thought that place was worth seeing. Hmm, you telling boys crazy things in order to embarrass someone. Now why does that sound familiar?