Monday, November 20, 2017

November Disneyland Trip

Andy and I did a quick Disneyland trip with my mom, Sara, and Rachel. It was SO fun. I loved not having a stroller! :) Highlights were eating lots of treats (Mickey Peanut Butter Sandwiches!), doing the Haunted Mansion while it was all decorated, Andy being brave enough to ride California Screamin' (and loving it!), and seeing Christmas decorations start to come up.

Andy and I had Denny's the first morning. He picked it and was oddly excited about it. 

About to ride Screamin'... while we were in line, I turned around and found him praying on the ground, ha ha ha. He said he was, "Praying to not be so frightened." :)

He loved it!

He held the handles like this the whole time, ha ha.

He got an ice cream cone for being brave and riding it.

Riding cars!

Our car definitely lost the race. But Andy declared it a tie. 

Love my boy.

He got to play the piano and now declares he's famous at Disneyland.

Space Mountain. Andy opted out of this one.

Splash Mountain

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