Monday, November 20, 2017

Max's Birthday Parties

Max had such a fun birthday this year! He had his very first friend party, which he LOVED. He helped me deliver all the invitations and was so brave, asking for his friends at each door. We invited his sunbeam class plus his school Tejo. His friends wore their Halloween costumes and we played a few simple games--pin the nose on the pumpkin, pumpkin bowling, bingo, etc. You forget how excited little kids get about Bingo! Max felt very special and loved it.

Andy made the cutest spooky decorations (pictures) for the party.

Andy read some spooky stories until all the guests arrived. 

We also had a family party for our Maxy! Grandmas and Grandpas came, plus Rachel and Abby. We gave him his own car, which he LOVES. He also got a pirate ship (from Greg and Kathy) and more lego duplos (from my parents). He loves lego duplos and is always playing with them!

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