Monday, November 20, 2017

Max at Age 4

Max at age 4
  • Max knows exactly what he wants at all times. “I want a hot dog for lunch, not cut up, with a fork, and catsup. And I want it hot.” (And if it cools off too much, he’ll make me re-heat it.) 
  • He was a late potty trainer. I think we finally successfully potty trained him in June? He’s been reverting lately and is driving me crazy. He’s just so stubborn. He does what he wants when he wants to! :) 
  • He LOVES his school. He started in September at Monkey Tree Preschool in Lehi. His Teacher is Mrs. Hansen. He asks every day if it’s time to go. I think he loves that he finally has his own thing. He doesn’t even like me to come, ha ha. I think he feels like it’s his space. 
  • He is the most articulate talker. He has the cutest little lisp and a few other things (like he says “yike” and “yove” instead of “like” and “love”) that make his speaking adorable. I actually had his speech tested just to make sure he was okay with those things, but I guess he’s doing great and will probably outgrow them by first grade. 
  • He loves to play pretend. He’ll sit and have little figurines talk to each other, and it’s the cutest thing ever. 
  • Over the last couple months he’s gotten really into coloring. He’ll do it for hours at a time. (Which is really nice!) 
  • He likes to leave the house. He’s always asking me, “Where are we going today?” And on the rare time we’re not leaving the house, he’s always very disappointed. :) 
  • He’s still got quite the temper. If he’s in time out in his room, he usually throws things at the wall/his door. There are dents everywhere, the little stinker. 
  • He loves bath time and showers and can stay in there for a longggg time. 
  • He is the sweetest brother to Violet. He likes her to chase him. And he’s always bringing her toys and giving her loves. 
  • His favorite food is salmon. :) 
  • He is VERY independent. He wants to do everything by himself, including dressing himself and picking out the worst outfits. His signature look is ugly shorts, a t-shirt, and his hunter boots. 
  • He loves to play with lego duplos. He's very creative and is always making "boats" with them. And "cheetahs" (just lots of blocks loosely in the shape of a cheetah). 
  • He is the sweetest, cuddliest person. He has such a tenderness about him. Everything he says and does is cute. He loves to be around people. If I’m getting ready in the bathroom, I’m always tripping over him. If I’m cooking, he’s right at my feet. He just likes to stay nearby. 
  • I was going to write what his favorite shows are, but then I realized Andy dominates all the show choosing in our house! But I do know he really likes Nightmare Before Christmas music and is always asking me to play it in the car. 
  • He’s asking a ton of questions these days. What words mean, why people do certain things, etc. You can tell he’s really trying to figure out the world around him. 
  • I don’t remember his stats, but his height at his 4 year well child visit was in the 25th percentile and his weight was in the 50th. He’s kind of tricky to feed. I’ve tried to plump him up this year with full fat yogurt and full fat chocolate milk. A lot of meals he just doesn’t want to eat. Except for treats. He’d eat treats all day long if I let him! 
  • He and Andy are the best and worst of friends. They play and fight all day long. But at the end of the day, Max adores Andy. 

How we adore our Maxy. He’s the most unique, sweet little person and it’s a privilege to have him in our home. 

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