Sunday, September 4, 2016

Disneyland Trip

We took a trip to Disneyland back in May and had the BEST time! It's one of the first times we've done a trip just our little family, and we had a blast. We stayed a night in Vegas on the way there and a night in St. George on the way home. We did four days in the parks and a day between them at the beach and taking naps to recover from the park days. :) Both boys had a blast, and we're so glad we could go! Although---we swear we're going to fly next time.

Pictures are out of order, but here we go:
Peter Pan made another appearance this Disneyland trip!
Andy refused to go on Splash Mountain despite my best bribery attempts.
Meeting characters was a highlight this time mostly for little Max. He LOVED them and really feels like they're all his friends. It was the cutest thing ever. He was so excited to give them hugs and kisses.
Max and I were buddies a lot while Cameron and Andy went on the bigger rides my pregnant belly wouldn't allow me to ride on.
This leash saved our LIVES. And I promise it made Max happy too.  He loved the freedom of not being in the stroller and not having to hold our hands.
We love Donald!
Mickey is Max's absolute favorite.

We did a Character Breakfast for the first time and it was SO fun and worth it. The boys loved it. Especially Max. 
Chip (or was this Dale?) was clearly a huge hit.
The sweetest shot.
The boys loved Max.
Max at the end of Day 1. We couldn't get him to wake if we tried.
The Disneyland exhaustion.
Andy got to do Jedi Training and he still talks about it. Cutest thing ever. He was so scared he'd have to fight Darth Vader. He almost had to, but another villain stepped in last minute. :)
World's cutest Jedi.
Our friends were at Disneyland at the same time as us! We got to do dinner, some rides, a show, and a parade together. Andy LOVED hanging with his pal Sylvie.
We went to Mickey's house on the first morning, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
It was magical watching Max meet Mickey.
First morning group shop!
On our way into the park the first morning.

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