Thursday, September 29, 2016

Andy's Birthday Parties

Andy had a full day of birthday parties back in June--a friend party in the morning and a family party in the afternoon.  Of course he loved every second of the day. He wanted a Star Wars party. (Even though he'd never seen it.) We had a pretty low-key party at our house with a balloon artist (who was incredible!), face painting by my sisters, pizza, and running through the sprinklers. 
Prepping the cupcakes for his friends.
Ready for his friends to come! Check out this handsome 5-year-old!
The X Wing the balloon artist brought for Andy. Amazing!
Max was very into the various star wars masks. 
face painting!
Sporting his yoga face paint, blowing out his candles.
Andy is so lucky to have so many great friends in the neighborhood. And don't they look cute with their face paint and balloons?
One of the big treats of the day was that Andy got to watch the real Star Wars (edited) between his parties. He LOVED it and still talks about it.  
We didn't take nearly enough pictures at the family party. But all of Andy's grandparents came, all of his aunts and uncles, plus GG. We had a delicious barbecue and opened up fun presents. A light saber from Greg and Kathy, a goldfish from Mark and Jean, and a bike from mom and dad. (Which he road without training wheels by the next morning!) 

Star Wars masks for the win!
BB8 twinning.
Max as Chewie is the best thing ever.

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