Sunday, January 17, 2016


Some November highlights! 
The first snowfall of the year! I think Andy stared out his window for twenty minutes. :)
Thanksgiving with the Lees! For some reason we never grabbed a shot with my family, but we ate there too.
My Messick grandparents moved out of the home my Grandpa built 50 years ago. We had a good farewell visit to the house. I'll miss seeing them there!
Max loves Grandpa Greg.
Another shot with the beautiful home my Grandpa built. I'm going to miss this place! 
Thanksgiving Day! This was before dinner at my parents' house.
Love this beautiful painting my dad did of Andy!
Handsome guys ready for church.
That smile! Cam and Greg took Andy golfing, and apparently he's a total natural and LOVED it.

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