Thursday, January 7, 2016

Max's Birthday Party

Well I'm going to be playing catch-up for a little bit.  I can't believe Max turned 2 more than two months ago! He had the best little family party. Other than our immediate family, his guests included all his grandmas and grandpas, all his aunts and uncles, GG, and his cousins Sam and Grace. He loved all his presents! He got a "choo choo" (push along car), a tent/tunnel, a rocking horse, a farm animal book, a fishing puzzle, and an interactive dinosaur. He loved it all!

Max loved his Mickey cake!
He quickly caught on to present opening. And he had two excited helpers!
GG gave this fun tunnel to Max, and it's proved to Andy's favorite thing ever. He even slept in it one night!
Have you ever seen a sweeter face? Love this boy with all my heart.
Family shot!
The sweet tooth was going strong.  I even let the birthday boy have second helpings. :) 

Happiest boy.  He clapped when everyone was singing to him. And he went around the room looking at every single person as we sang.  It was the cutest thing.
He's warmed up to his horsey since then. :)

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  1. I love that little Max!!! He's such a sweet, happy boy :) So funny that Andy slept in the tunnel, ha!