Sunday, January 10, 2016

New York City

Cameron had to take a last minute work trip to NYC, so I decided to tag along! We both absolutely fell in LOVE with the city. Cam had never been, and I hadn't been since I was 10 and all I cared about then were getting lots of sundaes at McDonald's. :) So it basically a whole new experience for us! And we love big cities, so we were in our element! We were only there 4 days, and we're dying to go back.  We even got to travel with our good friends the Craguns which made it all the more fun. Even though we never got a photo with them for some reason.
Our last day was probably our favorite! Lots of wandering and walking in some beautiful parts of the city.
I'm ready to move to the Upper West Side. I want to live by Levain Bakery and eat two cookies a day.
We took a fun boat ride the last day and got some great views of the city!
Our time in central park was way too short! I want to go back and wander for an entire day. I love big parks!
Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge!
We went to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and saw the Memorial too. It was such a moving experience that we'd highly recommend. It was heavy, but so well done and worth while.
We went to the free night at the MoMA. Fun, interesting, and packed!
We walked across part of the Skyline. 
Pictures from Cam's work event! Such an amazing experience for him.

Our first night in the city! A shot of us Times Square. We stayed up late walking around and taking it all in.

A few things not pictured:
  • Lots and lots of great food! We made reservations at good restaurants every night. We grabbed snacks from Magnolia Bakery and Levain. Plus two amazing donuts places: Dough and another place I can't remember. :) Lindsey and I ate breakfast at Essa Bagels and I still think about how amazing it was about once a week. We attempted pizza in Brooklyn, but it wasn't meant to be. But we ended up getting great pizza later in the trip. 
  • We had SUCH a hard time figuring out the subway and getting around. And we're not newbies to subway systems! I don't know what our problem was. We were always getting lost, taking the wrong trains, etc. It took us forever to get anywhere!
  • We stayed in a hotel the first night but then spent our last two nights in a cool Air BNB with Blakely and Lindsey. Always fun to stay with the locals! 
  • Cam and I had a fun night at the Empire State Building. It really is such an incredible view. 
  • We saw two shows. Well technically I saw two shows.  Lindsey and I saw "Finding Neverland" the first night while the guys had a work dinner.  Then the next night we all saw "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" which we absolutely loved. So well done, so much talent, and super funny and witty. 
SUCH a fun trip. I spent about a week after the trip completely depressed that the trip was over. I can't wait to go back sometime! 

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