Monday, June 17, 2013

Since Amsterdam

I haven't done a very good job and documenting some of the big and small things we've been doing since we got back from Amsterdam.  Even though the majority of that time was spent in bed (ugh), we did manage to fit in some fun things.  Here's a little update of what we've been up to:

  • Piano Teaching: One of my favorite new additions to the past few months has been teaching piano.  I've had seven students the past few months, and I absolutely love it.  It was a little challenging to be a little sick and teach, but I even loved it then.  Now that I'm feeling better, it's some of my favorite time of the week.  I have great students!  I forget I'm actually paid for it, I love it so much.  
  • Callings: In church I was called to be the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator.  It has been a little daunting and very time consuming, but I'm really enjoying it.  Cam is the Ward Music Chair, and always has his eye out for potential sacrament meeting musical numbers.
  • Parties! Our fantastic friends here in Round Rock always plan the funnest activities.  We've had a Pi Day Party, a picnic at the park, a Memorial Day BBQ, a Bridal Shower for Margo, a St. Patrick's Day Party, Easter at the McFarlands, a Luau thrown by the Nields, a Cragun Goodbye Party, a Birthday Party for Tim, a Clothing Exchange, and I'm sure even more things I'm forgetting.  There have been a couple girls nights and guys nights thrown in there too.  Oh and there was a Dell night at Round Rock Express (baseball) we went to.  
    Andy at the ball game.  He loved it!
  • Date Nights: We've found a great babysitter, Laura, who Andy loves!  She does such a great job and makes us feel totally comfortable leaving Andy.  We've gone on quite a few fun dates the past few a movie, a great dinner downtown with Kasee and Jason, and other fun stuff.  
  • Cam's Family Visited: Greg, Kathy, and Brendan came to visit during Conference Weekend.  We had such a great time!  We went to the park, had cupcakes, went to The Oasis for dinner, went to The Salt Lick, went to a car show, saw the bats downtown (Cam and I had never seen them!), and ate at one of our favorite places downtown, Eastside Cafe.  I don't have a single picture; I need to steal some from Kathy and post them.  We loved having them visit so much!  It makes us wish family lived closer.  
  • Suzanne's Wedding: My beautiful cousin Suzanne got married in Dallas mid-April.  My mom flew into Dallas; I drove up and met her there.  We had a fantastic weekend spending time with the Harrington clan!  The first day was a little rough--I got stuck in traffic on the way up, I felt really sick all day, my phone ran out of power so I couldn't use the GPS to find the airport and pick up my mom, we couldn't find our hotel because of construction, etc.  Luckily, the rest of the weekend was amazing!  It was so fun to spend one-on-one time with my mom, the wedding was beautiful, and it was fun to have a weekend away.  My mom and I drove back to Austin together, and we had a great time with Cameron and Andy for a day before she flew home.  We introduced her to Torchy's Tacos, and she loved it.  
    Who looks this beautiful with no make-up in their 50's?  My mom. We ate at Einstein's a lot, since I could keep it down.
    Dallas Temple.
    Chris and Suzanne.  She was absolutely radiant.  So happy for them!
  • Tough Mudder: Cam trained for and participated in the Austin Tough Mudder back in April with a bunch of work friends.  He was so dedicated about his training and really enjoyed it! 

  • West's Baby Blessing: We went to visit Aisling (Cam's cousin), Bryan, Carter, and West a couple of weeks ago for baby West's blessing.  We had a so much fun!  It had been almost a year since we'd seen them.  Andy and Carter had a blast playing all day.  I don't think Andy's ever had so much fun playing with someone.  They made us a delicious meal, as usual.  The blessing was beautiful.  We got to meet darling baby West.  It was a great day.  We're lucky to have some family somewhat nearby!  
    Carter and Andy
  • Goodbye Craguns: Sadly, our good friends the Craguns moved back to Utah.  We're happy for them (great new job, they'll live by family), but we miss them dearly!  Charlie's Andy's good buddy, so it was sad to split those two up.  
    At a farewell park visit with Lindsey and Charlie.  Charlie was having more fun than it looks like.
Now that I'm feeling better, everyday life has been great!  Each day I'm so amazed and grateful at my ability to eat and how much more energy I have.  I've been able to get our place organized, keep things clean(er), and make meals.  We go on morning exercise walks with our friends a couple days a week. We've gone to a darling music group once a week at our friend Janssen's house.  Andy and I enjoy the park and lots of walks on the path near our house, usually in the morning hours when it's not too hot.  Andy asks me every day to go swimming--he loves it.  And we're lucky enough to have a pool right outside our door!  So we end up going a few days a week.  Andy is 100% rough and tumble boy, and he keeps me busy chasing him all day.  We're enjoying life!
Andy feeding the ducks.  A favorite activity of his!
Children's Museum visit on a rainy saturday.
On our Mother's Day picnic.
This smile!  Andy and I made cookies together the other day.  He loved dumping in ingredients, stirring them, watching them bake, and most of all eating them (after picking the chocolate chips out first, of course).


  1. Sounds like you have been super busy with such fun stuff! Miss those fun parties, they're the best! How fun to go to Dallas and be close to some family. Andy is looking so big and grown up!

  2. I loved reading this update! Andy couldnt get any cuter. I love picturing him doing all these activities.. he is such a vibrant little boy!!