Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2nd Annual Galveston Friendcation

Again, I'm going out of order.  But my fantastic friend Kasee just gave me bunch of pictures from our trip to Galveston a few weeks ago, and they're too cute to wait to post!  Just like last year, we rented a beautiful beach house in Galveston with some great friends.  We added two more couples to the group this year and the fun was multiplied!  We had a great time eating plenty of fried fish (Benno's and our new favorite The Spot), playing at the beach, swimming in the pool, and most of all hanging out with our good friends once the kids went to bed talking late into the night.  We feel so grateful to be blessed with such great friends around here.  We ate way too much junk food, stayed up way too late, and had the best time.  

Andy absolutely loved every minute of this trip.  He loved staying in a new house; he and his buddy Charlie went crazy running around when we first got there.  He loved having friends in the house.  He loved doing new things and seeing new places.  He loved swimming.  He loved the beach, once he got over some initial trepidation.  It was such a great trip for our family!  Our european weekend trips were incredible, but it was a nice change to do something more stress-free and relaxing.  And less expensive.  And a little better suited for kids.  We're already so excited to go again next year!

I'm afraid he inherited this lovely facial expression from me. 


Love these ladies dearly!  4 of us are pregnant together!

Running with Uncle Jason!  Running happens to be Andy's activity of choice these days.
Group Shot!


  1. Looks like great fun. I was showing Max the pictures of Andy telling him who you are, and he was pointing at them saying 'Dandy' - nearly there!

  2. Gorgeous family picture. Wasn't it just the best vacay? We are in for next year too!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! I love that Andy loved it so much. I'm getting a kick out of that face that Andy makes. haha, its crazy how that picture of you on mom and dads fridge has the same face!