Friday, June 28, 2013

Andy's 2nd Birthday Party

We threw Andy a very simple birthday party with our Round Rock friends a few days before his birthday.  He absolutely loved it.  He loved having so much attention.  Plus, he got cake and ice cream! I tried to surprise him with a Mickey Mouse cake, but he was more interested in the candles, of course. We got him a tricycle.  He doesn't really use it or love it as much as I'd hoped, but he'll grow into it.  He's not quite tall enough to reach the peddles, so he scoots around on it for a couple minutes each day until he gets too frustrated.  Back to the party: he loved having so many of his friends there, both young and old.  Our friends here really are more like family and we're so grateful we can celebrate life's milestones with them!

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Andy: (cutest thing you've ever seen, guaranteed)

Some pictures:
Andy with his buddies Maya & Amelia!
I'm pretty proud of this.

Yummy ice cream!
Opening Kasee & Jason's cute gifts.

He loves playing with Jason & Tim!


  1. oh my goodness that video is SO adorable. it looked like so much fun. also your mickey cake is so cute! I'm so excited to see you guys tomorrow!!

  2. I keep trying to post comments on your posts and they never go through on my iPad/phone. I finally figured it out! That video of Andy's birthday song is simply to die for! How cute is he and clapping and just a big ol grin! I can't believe he is 2! I met you when he was like 3 months old! You did an excellent job on the cake, I didn't know you had a hidden talent!