Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Visit To Utah

Andy and I paid Utah a visit from April 17-25.  It was BYU's graduation, my cousin Lauren's bridal shower, and Christine and Rachel left a week later for the summer, so it was a great time to visit.  The flight there was an absolute nightmare.  We went on the Delta direct flight, so I can't imagine how horrible it would have been if we'd had a layover.  With high pitched screaming ensuing for more than half the flight, I think the entire flight hated us by the end, I was near tears myself multiple times,  and I swore I would never fly with him again alone.  (And yet I'm already considering going back by myself in would think I'd learn.)  Anyway, the visit was great!  It was so fun to spend so much time with family catching up! Some highlights--

  • Going to my cousin Lauren's bridal shower.  I'm so sad I had to miss the wedding, but I had so much fun at the shower!  It meant I got to see all my extended family on my mom's side who I've missed so much.  
  • We had a fun lunch at Costa Vida with my mom and sisters (except for Abby and Rachel).  One of those lunches where time flies and suddenly two hours have passed.  
  • A super fun outing to the zoo with my dad and Sara.  We thought Andy would be more into the animals because he loved my parents dog...but he wasn't.  He didn't care at all.  Oh well--we had fun!    

Andy with Grandpa Mark

  • Shopping at City Creek.  This place is amazing!  I already can't wait to go back!  
  • We had a birthday dinner for Sara and Rachel.  My Winterton grandparents came over.  It was so fun to see them! 

The birthday girls with Grandma and Grandpa Winterton
Love them so much.
  • We had a really fun visit with my Messick grandparents.  My Aunt Diane came over too--it was so good to see her!  
Love him. 
Andy with his great-grandparents.  Their house was his first home! I love that my grandma had to go primp for a few minutes before I was allowed to take this picture. :) 
  • I got lots and lots of quality time with my mom and Sara.  This was so fun.  They were both so helpful with Andy.  Sara was sweet enough to postpone starting her summer job so she could spend time with us.  I had so much fun just being with her!  
  • No vacation is complete without a few pranks!  :)  I posted my dad's road bike on ksl as a joke extremely underpriced.  He had about 50 calls within an hour.  I also posted my mom's bmw and put my sister Christine as the contact.  I think she had 49 missed calls the first day?  he he he.  I have a strange sense of humor, I know.
  • A wonderful dinner at Market Street Grill with Greg, Kathy, Brendan, and Jessica.  

Grandpa Greg

Uncle Brendan can always make Andy laugh!

Grandma Kathy

Ice cream!

  • A graduation celebration for my smart, beautiful sister Rachel!  She graduated with a 3.96 in Math from BYU.  (What!?!)  She is pretty much a genius.  She is planning on starting her Masters in Math in the fall.  We saw her walk, went to the math dept. party in the famous math lab, and stuffed ourselves at Tucanos.  Yum.  (Christine could have graduated too, but she decided to wait to officially graduate until December with Ben, her husband. But she's all done with her masters in Piano Performance.  Yay Christine!) 

Beautiful Rachel

Andy with Aunt Christine


  1. Steph, two things: 1) I am going to be in Utah in August! If you do decide to go, we will have to get together. 2) Buy a portable DVD player for the flights. I don't usually advocate plopping your child in front of a movie, but on an airplane, it's a necessary evil for everyone's sanity. Sorry for the rough flight!

  2. You and your sisters are so beautiful. I love how you all look so different, but similar also. Makes me excited to see how Amelia and Maya grow up. You had the best trip, definitely got a lot in. We missed you here though.

  3. I LOVE that picture of Grandpa. He is so sweet! Also, andy looks so handsome in the pictures at Market Street Grill! It was so fun to have you guys at home! I really wish we were going to be home in August when you go :(

  4. So glad you had fun, even if it was kind of a rough flight!