Monday, May 28, 2012


We've been up to some fun things the past few months!
  • We went on a fun Saturday outing with some friends.  We went to lunch at Torchey's, an amazing taco place in Austin.  Then we did a riverboat tour.  It was super hot, but fun! We finished the day at Texas Roadhouse--always a good choice.  
  • Most of the past two months were spent with Cam studying (after work) for his final CPA test, which he passed.  Yay Cam!  I'm so proud of him for working so hard.  It's nice to have his company back in the evening, too.  
  • Cam has really enjoyed his current role in Treasury.  And we both love that the hours aren't quite as intense! 
  • Cam's family came to visit for a weekend at the end of March.  We had so much fun!  Initially it was just going to be Cam's parents visiting, but Brendan surprised us all and decided to come last minute.  Yay!  Poor Greg wasn't feeling well for most of the trip, but we had a good time.  We celebrated Greg's birthday with a cake, went to Hopdoddy, went to Mt. Bonnell (an Austin overlook) went to the Domain, and visited San Antonio to eat at La Margarita, see the Riverwalk, and see the Alamo.  It was our first time to San Antonio, and we loved it! 
Us with Brendan in San Antonio.
  • I took (and passed!) my driving test.  This was such a gigantic pain; I'm so glad it's over.  I had an expired out-of-state licence so I had retake both my written and practical driving tests.  I barely passed the written test.  I was so worried they'd make me do parallel parking for the practical test, but they didn't.  It was super easy.  I guess it should be since I've been driving 10 years.
  • We celebrated Easter with a bunch of friends and had a fantastic dinner.  And also an egg cracking competition.  
  • We babysat the Fitch boys for a weekend.  We had such a great time with these fun little guys!  (Though we're not ready to be parents of four anytime soon...)
Andy LOVED having big brothers!
  • Andy and I took a great trip to Utah, which I've already blogged about.  
  • Cam and I went to the Austin Ballet to see Romeo and Juliet.  It was fun to get out of the house and do something, just the two of us.  I really love the score by Prokofiev and it was fun to see it all brought to life.  Confession--we did leave at the second intermission.  I like to think we're cultured people...but it was getting a little long. :)  
  • Cam planned such a fun Mothers Day.  He made me a delicious breakfast and planned a fun picnic at Zilker Park in the afternoon.  He made the most amazing salmon salad.  The day ended with my favorite dessert, Angel Food Cake.  

  • We had a super fun friendcation in Galveston.  We rented a house with some friends for a weekend and had a blast!  This gets its own post coming soon.  
  • Another really fun party thrown by Kasee.  It was a Cinco de Mayo party.  The food was delicious as always! 

A picture of everyone but us.  We had to leave early.
  • We went to a fun BBQ at the Ashford's to celebrate their new giant swing set.  
  • Cam and I went to Austin's Park for a super fun date night a few days ago.  It was us and about a million fourteen-year-olds, but we had a blast!  We did miniature golf (Cam won), the go carts (we crashed into another girl and our car couldn't start up again), laser tag (which I won!), and the teacups, which made Cam very sick.  It really was such a fun night and I can't wait to go back.  
Cam waiting in line for Laser Tag.  We had a lot of fun waiting for an hour...
  • We participated in our ward 5k/10k.  We love our ward!  It was so fun.  
  • We went to College Station to visit Aisling, Bryan, and Carter.  (Aisling is Cam's cousin--we're so glad they live nearby!)  We had a great time looking at their beautiful yard and eating delicious food.  

It was pool time, but he wasn't interested for some reason.
Their incredible garden!


  1. Looks like fun! I'm so glad that Cameron's done with his CPA exams!

  2. I've heard so much about Cam's cousin's garden, it does look amazing! And that picture of Cameron at Lazer Tag is the best ever. You guys do so much fun stuff!