Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Shows

I probably should be embarrassed to admit it, but I watch a LOT of TV these days. When I'm left without a car a lot of days and nurse a few hours a day and Cameron works late, it's easy to just pop on a few shows. I don't watch all of these all the time, but some favorites (in no particular order):

We don't watch it as religiously as we used to, but it'll always be a favorite.

One of the funniest shows ever. We are soooo happy it's on netflix now.

We're into this one right now because of Vocal Point. GO BYU!

House is such a fabulous character.

We had high hopes for this one when we saw the ads all summer. (Who doesn't love Job?) It hasn't quite lived up to our expectations but we still enjoy it, perhaps because of how it seems to parallel our lives right now.

A new one we sometimes watch. Pretty funny.

A big favorite of ours. We stumbled upon it a couple years ago and have loved it ever since.

LOVE THIS SHOW. It's got mystery, but isn't too dark. And Dr. Brennan is just an adorable character.

Embarrassing...I'm a 26-year-old that watches (and enjoys) the Disney Channel. Maybe it's because I didn't have it growing up and desperately wanted it. Anyway--I love this show. I discovered it this past summer and can't get enough of it.

Also found this one this summer. There was a marathon on while we were packing to move. I had never understood why the family was famous so I curiously turned it on. This family is crazy...which is very entertaining. Cameron won't admit it, but I even got him into watching it.

An embarassing guilty pleasure. But I have loved it for a few years now.

I found this one because it's on before Modern Family. It is soooo funny. A hidden gem.

Who doesn't love this show?! A favorite for Cam and I.

A new show that is totally a guilty pleasure. But I look forward to it every week.

This is an oldie, but I really like it. I'm always up for a good mystery and there are plenty of re-runs of this on.

Considering pregnancy consumed my life for nine months, this show blows my mind.


  1. Oh my goodness- Revenge has totally become my guilty pleasure show too. Mike doesn't understand it at all, so I save it for when he's working late :)

  2. looooove most of these shows too! and we just got in to revenge too (we caught up on hulu and watched tonights episode on tv and now i'm dying for next weeks episode! im hooked!) and this has totally inspired me to write a post about our shows we watch... :D

  3. Ok I totally watch Revenge, and Kasee made fun of me for it. Lol. The previews do make it look super cheesy, but it's got me hooked! You seriously need to add Happy Endings to your list. It is the only show I watch as soon as it plays, rather than sitting on my tivo for a week. Love it!