Monday, October 3, 2011

Andy's Blessing

Andy was given a beautiful name and a blessing on Sept. 4 in my parents' ward in Bountiful. We moved just a few days later, so it also served as a good opportunity to say bye to everyone. We are so grateful to everyone who was able to come. Though I'll never organize a big event like a blessing again while moving (WAY too stressful), it turned out really well.

Thanks to Cameron's mom, Kathy, for the darling blessing outfit:

All Andy's grandparents:
Grandpa Greg and Dad:

Grandma Jean:

With Aunt Christine:

Aunt Abby and Sawyer:
Aunt Rachel:

My cousin Kameron who I LOVE. I was so grateful he made the drive to come!

Aunt Christine and Uncle Ben:

Cameron's cousin Erin, her husband Jared, and Uncle Brendan:
With Aunt Sara:
Cameron and his brother Brendan:


  1. I love his blessing outfit! So cute!

  2. Look at those huge smiles! He looks like a little angel in his white clothes.

  3. He is such a sweet little boy, you can just see it in the pictures. I love these! And you and your sisters look so similar! It is amazing! Hope the move when smoothly!