Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 Months Old

The little light of our lives is now 4 months old! I don't think we could possibly love and adore this little guy more than we do. He is an absolute joy. We see more and more of his fun personality each day.

-Is so social! He loves attention, talking, being talked to, playing, laughing, smiling, singing. Sometimes it gets a little exhausting because he only lasts about 5 minutes without interaction, but we love his energetic, fun, strong personality.
-Still loves to eat. However, his social personality gets in the way because he'd rather unlatch a million times to stop, talk, and smile at me (so cute!) than actually eat continuously.
-Is getting better at sleeping! His naps are getting longer and longer and he's getting better at falling asleep unassisted. He usually goes to bed between 7-8 PM, wakes up a couple of times to eat during the night, and gets up about 7 AM. I LOVE knowing I have the evenings to do what I want. He's now taking 3-4 naps, each about 40 min. long.
-Much to our dismay, he's not sleeping very well out and about anymore. Guess we'll be spending lots more time at home now!
-Sometimes likes walks. He ends up crying for half of them though. Not sure why?
-Giggles! Sometimes it's in response to something random (like the doctor listening to his heart) and sometimes it's when I do some sort of obnoxious laugh or throw him up in the air.
-Is so strong. Still not good at rolling over. But he stands assisted like a pro. And I think he's even close to sitting by himself. He just isn't good at balancing yet, but he has the muscles for holding himself up. He's always trying to sit up in his car seat.
-Loves bath time. He loves to splash around.
-Loves mobiles and hanging things. He's getting much better and reaching for things and grabbing them. He's almost mastered putting his own binky in. He gets frustrated with his own lack of control, but he's getting there. He also gets frustrated when his hanging toys don't do exactly what he wants. This guy definitely has a strong will.
-Got his first little stuffed animal. He likes holding on it and sucking on it. (But he likes holding and sucking everything.) It's a cute dog named Carl.
-Had his first cold. It was very sad. He hated his nostrils being suctioned all the time.
-Sucks on everything. But I don't think he's teething.
-Loves being sung to still. His favorite song now is this song my grandma taught me: "Reuben, Rueben, I've been thinking." I usually make up my own words: "Andy, Andy, I've been thinking what a good, good boy you are. You're so good, I love you so much, you are my shining star." It always makes him beam. Too cute.
-Makes quite a variety of noises.
-Is in 3-6 month clothes (has been for almost a month)...but I swear he's almost grown out of them. He is getting so big! Which brings me to his current measurements: 16 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile) , 25 inches long (50-75th percentile), and head circumference is 75-90th percentile. We are happy about this because he was soooo tiny when he was born.

Andy still leaves me completely worn out most of the time, but I LOVE being his mom. I never could imagine my heart would be so full!

We didn't take enough pictures this month. I'm vowing to do better this next month.

Andy and Carl:


  1. He is such a little cutie. Bring him over to play anytime!