Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Update...

So I realize I've become the world's worst blogger. We've had lots of big events going on, and I haven't written about any of them. I've decided I'm going to do some serious posting over the next couple weeks and try to catch up. It's the perfect time to do it because Cameron is out of town for a couple weeks--he's selling security systems in Hawaii. He's only been gone a day and I already miss him like crazy; it's amazing how dependent on each other you get when you're married.

Life currently: we both finished our master's degrees at BYU in April. Yay! We're now living in the Holladay area of Salt Lake and love it. We don't miss Provo at ALL. We're living in my sweet grandparents' basement for the summer and are loving it. They're so good to us. The free rent is coming in handy because (other than this two week period in Hawaii and some piano teaching) we can't really work this summer. Cameron is studying for his CPA and CMA tests and I'm getting ready for the baby. We're SO excited for the little guy to join us. It's coming up soon! June 25th is the due date--less than 4 weeks away.

Anyway! That's our life lately. I'll soon be posting about the pregnancy, the cruise, and graduation.

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